Peru Has Accomplished So Much

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It´s amazing how quickly time has passed by! It´s difficult to believe on Sunday we will be packing up and shipping out. We praise the Lord for allowing us to get as far as we did on the Pastor´s house with very few delays! Today the team is removing the forms for the pillars and beginning to put the forms for pouring the cap beam in place. In addition, Casey Como and Amelia Crispell have been working on a little landscaping right outside the house. On Saturday the team is looking forward to a last minute trip to downtown Pucallpa and a chance to see the Amazon River. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for the team. Please pray that we will have a safe trip home and all our luggage will make it with us! We all look forward to reporting back to you everything that the Lord has taught us and what He is doing in Peru!




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  1. Mr. Art and I have been praying for all of you, especially Christian. We know the Lord has blessed in and through each of you and pray His continued blessings as you return back to the USA. Treasure the memories and continue to build on what the Lord has taught you and how He has grown you in the last several weeks. God has His “immeasurably more” yet in store for you!! We are anxious to “hear in person” all about the trip. Love & Prayers – Ms. Suetta

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