The Russia Team Has Only Ten More Days

Russia 7:17-8

The Russia Team is doing fine and accomplishing much.

The Preteen rally platform is now fully assembled, on tires, and as level as possible. There remains some sanding, staining, and application of varnish for protection of the wood. Weeding is mostly done. An excavator came and dug a well and a root cellar, so there has been work removing some stumps and roots.

The team was able to go to a community about 5k away and did some weeding for a Christian brother there. The weather continues to be mostly nice and hot (prob. in 90s) and somewhat humid. There is only occasional passing rain, but we have heard it might get chilly again by August 10.

For our goals and future plans, we want to get the platform as complete as possible, including some steps for easy access that Katya has requested. Russian teams will be coming in for Debrief (Preteens first, then teens). We also want to take down and store what parts of the Obstacle Course that we can. With only 10 days until we leave Krasnaya Niva, we want to do as much to help as we can.

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