Their Last Week In Ecuador

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Buenos Dias from Ecuador!

This will most likely be our last report to all of our family and friends from the TMI base in Latacunga, Ecuador. We are amazed that in just a few days we will begin our pack out to head back to the U.S. and Debrief! We feel like we’ve accomplished a lot but realize there’s still lots to do. Work has continued this week on the 2nd story of the building, and the interior walls are about done! They’ve done a great job! There has been digging going on, as well, for the water pipe that needs to be laid down north of the base. They’ve made great progress on this task as well! You would be very proud of how your kids have worked and represented their families, TMI, and most important Jesus Christ!

We’ve had water pretty consistently the last three days, so it’s allowed us to shower regularly and get laundry done in anticipation of our traveling coming up. Also, we were blessed to participate in the commissioning of the Ecuadorian Boot Camp on Tuesday night. The leaders, Shonn and Lori Foy, were given the privilege of lighting the first candles. Our team then lit their candles and were first to go out, standing as ‘honor guard’ along the path to the Ecuadorian teens.

Wednesday, we had a special dinner at a restaurant called “Salache”. It was a great team night! The choices of food were BBQ lamb, liver, and …guinea pig! Most of the team/leaders chose the guinea pig. Some had the hind end and some received the front end. They were totally intact, so it was quite the interesting meal! We also bought two cakes and celebrated the birthdays of four team members who had birthdays during our summer together. This included James Bagans, Isaac Park, Nathanael Palmer, and Nick Davis, whose birthday was actually yesterday. So, it was a great time for the team and definitely was memorable.

Pray as we finish our time here and for safe and easy travel on Monday. We leave the base Sunday morning and will travel to Quito, where we will have the opportunity to do a little sightseeing and then do our presentation at a church Sunday evening. We’ll sleep at the church and head to the airport Monday morning and then on to Florida! Everyone has mixed emotions about leaving, but we’re very ready to see friends and family. Love to all of you from all of us!

Christian Neils: Hi, everyone. It is hard to believe it is time to go home soon. God has really blessed me so much in the last six weeks. For one, He has given me an amazing team. We have learned so much together. We are growing into a team more and more every day and I thank God for that. God has had His protecting hand over since we got to Ecuador 24 days ago. There were a few team members who got sick off the Ecuadorian taffy (we think), but that is about all the health issues we have had. On the 31st of July we went out to eat a restaurant that served guinea pig and barbeque lamb. They were both very good! We have three more days here at the ase here in Ecuador. Please pray for us for strength, focus, and for us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Also pray that we would have safe travels home. P.S. Hope House Family: I miss you guys a lot. God has shown me so much. For one, He has shown me that if we have faith in Him, He will provide for all our needs. He has also shown me how blessed I really am. I can’t wait to get home next Saturday to see you all. John 15:13 God bless and I love you,

Liz Coleman: While in Ecuador, the Lord has taught me some lessons. I think the main lesson He has been trying to teach me is patience. The team has been getting along great, but sometimes they can push my buttons. God has been teaching me that even though the team pushes my buttons and I would like to push their buttons back, that keeping my mouth shut and just bearing with them is the best thing to do. A couple verses I learned here are Proverbs 15:1, Proverbs 14:29, and Proverbs 16:32.

Favorite things continued:

Noah Wiggin: Since getting to Ecuador, my favorite thing has been trying to talk to Spanish speakers. I have been learning a lot of Spanish by doing this, and is really cool. Also, it’s fun to try to decipher what the Ecuadorian pastors are talking about with the little bits and pieces of sentences I can understand. Also, the landscape of Ecuador is really cool.

Isaac Park: My favorite time so far on this trip has been our camping trip on Mt Cotopaxi. During those few days, I experienced so much of God’s glory in everything He created there. We had a few times to evangelize there on the mountain and I grew so much closer to God just in that short period of time.

James Bagans: On this trip I have really enjoyed the daily personal devotions. They really allowed me to grow closer to God and I learned more and more per day as the summer went on. I also enjoyed the group devos because people opened up a lot more than last year when I went to Cameroon, and so I learned more about each individual and was comforted in the fact that a lot of people struggle with the same things I do. The boys’ GG’s were similar. The leaders were frank, creative, and left time for a lot of open-ended discussion. My favorite experience was hands down making it to the refuge on Mt Cotopaxi and witnessing to the climbers there. That was one of the hardest and most fun things I have ever done, and my teammates and leaders were so encouraging. My favorite night was when we went into town and got roast guinea pig, soda, and cake the four birthday kids (I was one of them) on the team. The leaders made us feel so special and riding through Latacunga at night in the back of the truck is an experience I will not soon forget. I could go on and on because I love everything and everyone here, but on the same token, I am anxious to return home to tell you all face to face!



  1. Looking forward to seeing you, Lia! Praying for a great end in Ecuador and safe travels back to the states. Love the guinea pigs 🙂 Reminds me of the fish and pigs in China~

  2. Jeff and Becky Wiggin

    We will be praying for safe travel for you guys!

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