The Uganda Team Is Getting Ready To Travel

Just a quick note to let you know that we have arrived safely at the TMI base in Jinga.
Travel—everyone was up at 3:00 AM. We needed to pack the truck with all our bags. The luggage compartment underneath was jammed packed full. But the top, where the people are, was not as full, but there were still barrels, igloos of water, two tubs of travel food, back packs, sleeping bags, blankets and then 32 passengers total on the benches on the floor. We made it in 16 hours when we came, but it took us 20 hours to travel back. There was construction on the road, so we were delayed about 3-4 hours. We arrived at the base at midnight. We still had to unload everything and then by 1 AM everyone was in bed and ready for a good eight hours of sleep.
We have had several of the team members who are dehydrated, stomach pains and diarrhea., They have been digging in the dirt and it flys around a lot and we think it got to them. Plus they have really been working hard to get the project finished. But more on the project later.
The team slept in until 9:30, breakfast, devos, laundry, memory verse review kept the team busy until 3:00 when they left to see the source of the Nile. It was an hour boat ride and we took two because the boats weren’t large enough for the whole team to fit in one. The boats took us to the source of the Nile. There is a little island that you can walk around and take pictures and a little shop to purchase items to take back home. Then we went to see the bird life, monkeys, a big 3-4 foot water lizard, then out to see Lake Victoria. At the end of the ride, there were souvenir shops to visit. So we spent about ½ hour shopping. We then went back to the base for the evening meal, devos and an early night sleep.
It will be an early morning wake-up call so that we can be ready to start shopping at 8:00 AM. We plan to stop for lunch at 1:00. Then heading back to the base to finalize all the packing to start our journey back for Debrief.
Everyone is enjoying the last couple of days, but we are all looking forward to being back with family and friends. Thanks for your many prayers. Please continue to pray that the Lord will be able to complete the work in each team members life and they will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading in our days at Debrief. We want to finish strong in the Lord!
Love to all our family and friends from each of the Uganda team members and leaders!





  1. How can we see all of the posts? For team Uganda?

    • Emilie, Go to “Team Reports” and look to your right for the “search” button and you can put in Uganda and they will pop up.

  2. Here they go, and the flights begin! Praying for the team that all goes on time and goes well and all are safe! God bless you, team Uganda!!! Six more days and we can hear all the many beautiful stories our children have been waiting to tell. Thank you TMI!
    Love and ((hugs)) to you, Emilie!

  3. Thank you for the long update! Praying for safety and good health as you travel.

  4. So glad to hear they had a good time sightseeing and having fun. Hope they have a good time with the shopping and Debrief.

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