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It has been amazing having this team work with us during our summer programme! Thirteen energetic, enthusiastic young people committed to Christ throwing themselves into our summer scheme and Holiday Bible Club (as we call VBS) made such a difference to what we could offer and do for the kids in our community. Their love for the Lord and for the kids has been so evident; their singing and dramas and puppet shows have been so good; and they even clean up the hall after they finish!

I’ve never seen a team being led so well. Mike’s direction and discipline come through so clearly and it just takes one word from him (HIGHER!) to have the team be quiet and listen, wherever they are in our church hall or whatever they are doing, after they reply with LAND! I’ve been so blessed in all my contact with the team and the leaders. The ladies in my church have loved getting to know Karen. My kids have loved playing with Kenya and Isabelle and were astonished to find another 2 year old Lily Grace (we have one ourselves!) Michelle’s spiritual insight and practical leadership are so evident. Mike and Michelle’s lovely family are such a great testimony to a home with Christ as the Head. I got to know Kenya best of the 3 kids and she is a wee gem!

One of my favourite experiences with the team was having the privilege of being with them after they provided us with an Ulster Fry (!) then shared individually about what they had learned and enjoyed about the team. Mike’s words really touched me and how great it was to hear those young people, one of whom was even converted through the witness and testimony of the others after he started the team!

Thank you all so much. As you return to your homes, “May the LORD direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.”


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