The Last Report From Uganda

Friday morning, the team woke up at 5:30 AM and we had breakfast at 6:00, then devos and on the truck to be in town when the shops opened up at 8:00. We made our meeting location at Ozzie’s—this is the restaurant that we would have lunch at later. We had gotten menus yesterday, so all the team members could figure out their order and we could give it to them at 8:00 so that they would have time to prepare our lunch. There really isn’t a fast-food sit-down restaurant in Jinga, but this will help to have all of our meal ready for us.
Then we broke up into shopping groups. But a few needed to stay behind for an hour to get caught up on their Bible Memory Review. The team members were able to find all the treasurs they were looking for by the time the five-hour shopping time was up. Then to restaurant by 12:30 and they were beginning to bring out soft drinks or juices. Then onto Talipa, pizza, hamburger, salads, apple turnover, ice cream, milk shake, brownies with ice cream. It was great to have this kind of food again. We were all pretty full by the time we climbed back onto the truck to make the ½-hour journey back to the base.
The truck had been at the mechanics all morning long, so that the brakes could be worked on. We thought all was well until we started smelling smoke. We got out to look and the front left tire was very hot and smoking, but it was the brake shoes that needed more adjustment. Innocent, our driver and staff, called the mechanic and he came on a boda boda (which is a taxi motorcycle). It would take him a half hour to get to us and we were just a ½ hour walk to the base. So we climbed out of the truck, backpacks and souvineers in hand and started out walking. There was a bit of a stir as we passed the many shops and children came out to look and wave and talk to all the white people passing by. But after only walking a short while, the truck pulled up and we all got back on the truck to make the five-minute ride to the base. The mechanic would be working on the brakes at the base. Our next job was to get our bags packed (it is now 4:00 PM). The goal is to have the bags packed and downstairs in the classroom ready to carry out to the truck in the morning. Once the bags were out of the room, clean up began, with trash pick up, sweeping and mopping the floors, washing dish towels and all the pots and pans to pack away for another year. Then supper at 6:30 PM. Finishng up all projects and then to meet at 7:30 PM for a final time together with the BMW students and staff. Harmony Shropshire was given a guitar to give away, so she prayed and decided that she would like to leave it at the base for all the staff and students to get to use rather than just one person. There were shouts of joy when she presented it to Nelson on behalf of the school. They were all so excited. We said final good byes to the students and then it was time to reveal who we had been praying for all summer (Secret prayer partner). Each team member had purchased a small gift for their prayer partner and it was fun to see who had been praying and writing notes to you all summer long. Then it was time for sleep as it would be an early morning.
Wake up was at 4:00 AM so we could get the truck packed and any last-minute packing into our duffle bags that also needed to be tied off. By 5:20 AM, we were once again in the truck ready for the four-five hour ride to Entabee Airport. Because it was Sunday, the traffic was light and we made good time. We were able to consume our picnic breakfast on the truck and then have lunch in the airport parking lot in the truck followed by devos. Around 11:15 AM, we were once again unloading the bags and onto carts to push up the small hill to the departure lounge. We were allowed to come in early to check our bags through security first, then a bit of a wait until the Kenya agents arrived. But we were able to fill out our departure cards and ready to move our luggage when they said so. In count off order, we went through a passport identity and then onto the counter to get our boarding passes and check our bags in. Then waiting for all the team to check in. It took over an hour to get us all checked in but we were the first ones in and were able to avoid any crowds that would come after us.
Passports and exits forms were handed out and the team went into the departure area to go through Immigration and get our passport stamped that they were leaving the country. I’m not sure what happened after that as I will be staying in Uganda for a couple of weeks.
I do know that they will have opportunity to again look through some shops and there is soda or last minute coffee that they could get, but they would soon be boarding the plane for Nairobi. It will be about a 50-minute flight and then they will have about an hour to make their connection onto Paris and then to Miami and then to Orlando. I’m sure they will have stories to tell you in person soon.
Many thanks to all of you parents that sent your son or daughter on the team. They were a GREAT team and accomplished the completion of the septic tank. What blessing it was for the three staff and facilitators that will continue to work at the base. It was so overwhelming for the three to think it could ever be done as it was hard digging and deep digging. Sometimes we take for granted the simple flush of the toilet, but when you do without for so long and then for it to be a possibility for this small convenience, it can be overwhelmingly wonderful. Many future Ugandans will not even think about the work the team has done as it is all covered up and only those that were there will understand what went into this project. But sometimes that’s how life is. People don’t always see the work done, but you know and experienced it and have wonderful memories of what the Lord has done and especially through this summer that the team set aside to serve them. We pray that you will be encouraged with the changes that God has done in each of your children’s lives. God does make a difference in all of our lives.
Again, our thanks to each of you it was a blessing to serve the Lord along with your precious children.
The final report for the Uganda 13016 team
U – Uganda Stay strong in the Lord, remember to keep setting aside to time to spend with the Lord in your devos and remember the victories He has given you this summer. Write the date and promise so you don’t let the enemy steal any of your victories because they were victories with Jesus.
Blessings and love from all your leaders

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  1. This brought me to tears! YES, victory is the Lord’s!! I am so very thankful to so many who have made this mission possible! First to the many who gave financial support to Emilie along with the prayers of so many, and then every staff that had prepared the teaching of everything to fulfill this mission, thank you, TMI!! Can’t wait to hear Em’s voice!! 😀

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