Cameroon Is Out of The Bush

Cameroon 7:31-1
Once again we are “home!!”  We just arrived, minutes ago, to the Teen Missions Boot Camp base from our second Rescue Unit. Since the shock factor regarding the conditions of the bathrooms and possible sleeping arrangements had already been experienced, the conditions of this Rescue Unit did not seem unbearable (though I wouldn’t say better).  We were there for four nights, washed 170 kids’ feet, and gave them shoes. A neighbor man, who came to the Rescue Unit every day, was given a pair of shoes as well. He was at least 80 years old, and wore a size 13.  It was hot at this Rescue Unit, actually feeling like Africa, as the elevation level was only at 1,500 feet. The rain managed to hold back until the today, making the ride home on mud roads very slippery and slow.
Alyshia Collins – As we are drawing an end to our trip, I have been thinking of all the things I can’t wait for once I return; things like food, movies, running water, clean clothes, my family, ect.  But now, i’m thinking more about what I will be leaving; the view here is beautiful, the kids that we have been working with have been a joy to be around, the team is simply amazing. We have become so close as a team and I am so happy that I have had a summer with them. It’s so crazy that complete strangers all across America (and Canada) can become a team and a family for a summer all on the same mission. I guarantee I’ve made friends closer to me now than friends I’ve known my whole life.  Alyshia Collins
Megan McEwen – One of my favorite parts of our second Unit was playing games with the kids. One of our favorites was “keep away” with an old hat—team members versus orphans. Seeing everyone running and laughing together made me think about what heaven will be like- when people from every corner of the Earth will be together and worship God.



  1. Hell Alyshia C,

    We are so proud of you and we are praying for you daily. We knew that God would change your life for ever on this mission trip. Aunt Julie and I loved all the team we where on also. You might like the BMW school at tmi. We love it also. bye love Uncle David and Aunt Julie

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