Madagascar’s Last Report

Hello from each one of us here in Madagascar!

Our time here in Mahajanga, unfortunately, is coming to an end. It feels like yesterday we were arriving sleep deprived with anticipation of what the summer would hold. The Lord has certainly met and exceeded our expectations and given us life-changing memories. We thank Him for keeping us safe and that there were no major injuries or sickness.

Friday, the team ventured off for two Sunday Schools. Although they were exhausted by the end of the day, they were glad to have the opportunity to minister. Saturday was it’s own adventure. We were expecting the team to be back for lunch by 3 PM, but they didn’t show up until 5 PM! Good thing we sent along a snack! We found out they had to park the bikes and walk almost an hour, walking through a river to get there. The Sunday School went great, the kids enjoy beginning with a game of soccer, then songs and puppets. Sunday was our last day on the Circuit. The older kids played soccer and the younger ones enjoyed taking pictures and cuddling before the presentation.

Boot Camp began on Saturday night. Each night at rally, our team shares a cheer, two songs and a drama. Mindy Potter was chosen to be Miss Piggy, so she checks the tent sites each morning and announces the scores during rally.

Monday morning the team washed up the bikes and put them away. We took the afternoon to run some errands in town with the team, pick up some groceries, check for mail and of course stop for ice cream!

Wednesday is our clean up and pack out day. Thursday we will be on the road for 14 hours back through the mountains to Antananarivo.

Week One: Attendance 570, Decisions 205
Week Two: Attendance 400, Decisions 130
Week Three: Attendance 183, Decisions 10
Total Attendance: 1153, Total Decisions: 345

Thank you for all of your prayers.

A few words from the team:

Heidi Gerstenkorn-Well, with three weeks of riding the Circuit and going to many Sunday Schools, our time is coming to a close. One of my favorite Sunday Schools was driving two hours to get close, then walking an hour through a little desert and then a river. We’ve had so many fun times, I love my team! P.S. Our two dogs, cow, mouse and cockroaches are great pets!

Caleb Owens-This summer is one that I will never forget. My teammates and leaders have been an inspiration and I love them all. I’ve grown so much closer to God through each and every one of them. We finished our last Circuit yesterday and we all came back in one piece. I am getting excited to go home and see my family and friends after such an amazing summer. Love you all and see you in a bit.

Hunter Hebenstreit-It doesn’t seem possible that our ministry here is over! I had an amazing time here and grew closer to God. I can’t wait to carry out all I have learned back into my life.

Hannah Williams-My time here in Mahajanga has been more than amazing! I’ve made friends for life (they’re more like family). I’ve definitely grown in Christ, I’ve learned so much from the locals and I fell in love with the kids! I’m sad to go, but everything must come to an end. Thank you for all the prayers and support! P.S. You can count on me being at church that Sunday morning Mom:) Love y’all!

Beau Beck-I can’t believe we finished the Circuit yesterday. This summer was a great learning experience in many different ways. We all are better riders. I will never forget all the kids and all the crazy trails we rode on to get to the Sunday Schools.

Maddie True-Wow! This summer has flown by. I can’t believe we are leaving Mahajanga on Thursday. It’s been amazing going out on the Circuit. I think this last week was the hardest because we were all tired. I’m sad to leave, but I’m also happy about going home. Boot Camp has started here in Madagascar so we are going to all the rallies till we leave. Thursday we ride back to Antananarivo to do some shopping before we leave on Saturday. No one was seriously injured and we are all safe, praise the Lord!

Adam Vaden-I am blessed to be on this trip. I am blessed from riding motorcycles village to village and sharing the Gospel to those in need. Shout out to family and friends: I am doing great! I miss you all! Don’t write any letters, because I won’t get them.

Bella McKay-It’s our last week here. I’m very sad to leave. I’ll especially miss all the animals; the cows, dogs, and even the pigs that wake us up to their squeals. I met a new furry friend, a rat, in the shower as he was digging into my soap! It’s been Madagascar 8:5-1 Madagascar 8:5-2 Madagascar 8:5-3 Madagascar 8:5-4 Madagascar 8:5-5 Madagascar 8:5-6amazing!


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  1. I have a friend who was a leader on this trip, and I have loved reading these updates! I am so happy to see God working in the lives of these teens, and also the people of Madagascar. Praying for a safe return home!

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