Their Time In Russia Is Winding Down

The team has finally gotten the platform for the Preteen rallies finished. The only thing left for them to do on it is to varnish it, but the weather has not permitted us to do so. This week the team went out and did more street evangelism and, on Saturday, had the chance to go to a local bazaar for a bit of shopping. The team, on Thursday, also preformed a drama flash-mob in order to get the locals attention so that they could invite them to a church gathering/party and share the gospel with them there. The party at the church went very well and the team was able to perform a presentation while there. Weather has been mostly nice with heavy rains Thursday (8/1) and Friday (8/2) afternoon. Since then it has been mostly cloudy.

We plan to help take down what was left from the Russian Boot Camp (the Wall, the Five D’s, the Slough, etc.). The team also plans to varnish the Preteen platform and to start taking down and packing their own belongings for our return trip to Florida.

Erinn Foy says:
“So far we have made many new amazing Russian friends. Sometimes, even though we can’t talk through words, we talk through actions. Church yesterday was amazing! [Leader note: Church was here at the base, Russian and American teens attended together.] We heard many astonishing testimonies that I will always remember.”

Mallory Adams says:
“Life in Russia has been pretty awesome. Yesterday was Sunday, so we stayed here on the base & Canaan preached. We did Bible memory review, I got them all right! We say verse #40 on Tuesday. The Russian teams have just arrived for Debrief. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that we leave on Saturday. We’re all tired & excited to see our family, but Russia has treated us well. We’re finishing up a platform for PRussia 7:17-8reteens & starting on a root cellar. We’re glad to see all of our Russian friends again one last time. Love you Mom & Dad, see you soon.”





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