Indiana Is Pressing Toward The Finish Line

Indiana 8:6-5 Indiana 8:6-4 Indiana 8:6:1 Indiana 8:6-3 Indiana 8:6-2
As we enter into our final days in Indiana, we’re able to begin looking back on all that the Lord has accomplished through us.  We have shared the gospel with nearly three thousand people. Some were already professing Christians, most were not and turned away from the Truth: but thus far, 172 of the people we’ve spoken to have accepted Christ as Savior. A small percentage, yes, but these new believers, few as they may be, are precious in the sight of our Heavenly Father.
This past week the team was split between two fairs – White County and Lawrence County Illinois. In White County, we had 287 surveys and six decisions for Christ, and in Lawrence County we had 148 surveys and 12 decisions for Christ. But we know that it’s not all about the numbers, and that leading someone in a prayer isn’t the end of the story. Pray with us that all the people that became children of God this summer as a result of the fair-share will continue to grow in faith, and that they’ll get plugged into solid Bible-believing churches so that they could continue to grow strong in the Lord.
Over the weekend we had a lot of fun. On Saturday we got up early and headed out – but this time we weren’t going to a fair.  Instead, we marched in the Owensville Watermelon Parade. It wasn’t the largest event in the world, but it was a great opportunity to hand out tracts as well as represent our Lord and Savior. Later, after a day of reviewing our memory verses and some competitive quizzing practice (and a couple of meals), we cleaned up the base to prepare for the TTT evening rally. This rally’s theme was “The Big SplaT-T-T”. We spent a good while playing outdoors (trying to see who could spit a watermelon seed the farthest, who could roll a watermelon up a hill fastest, etc), and at the end of our events, we got three teams together for the main event – the Big Splat. This involved a bunch of people standing in a circle and using a blanket to launch a watermelon as high up into the air as possible and then running to avoid the landing. Whoever’s watermelon made the biggest mess was the winner. (The leaders won! Hoo-Ra!!)
Sunday was an amazing day for us as well. For the first time this summer, we didn’t have any performance to give – we got to go to an amazing church in Evansville and enjoy a service without having to worry about what drama we could fit on the stage or what songs we sounded best singing. We almost felt like regular people (work boots and pretty dresses aren’t the most flattering combination). After that, we had a day of rest, verse practice and quizzing, reading, and fellowship. That night, during devos, we got to hear Emanuel White’s testimony, and we spent a good amount of time after that sharing with one another and praying for one another. It’s awesome how close the team is becoming in the last days!
Anyway… today and tomorrow are outdoor workdays. We’re finishing the siding on the dorms that are here on property, as well as doing a few other jobs here and there. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the whole team will be together to take on our first street fair. We hope and pray that during our last three days of fair-share, the Lord will allow us to be the laborers in His harvest, and that we’ll not only get to share the gospel with hundreds, but that we’ll also be able to lead many of them to the foot of the cross, and show them where to lay their burdens down. Pray for us and with us as our days in Indiana come to an end, and join with us in praising the Lord for all He has done and all He will do in and through our amazing team.

The past three days have been fun. On Saturday morning we had the privilege of going and being in a parade handing out gospel tracts and carrying Christian flags. Later we had the evening rally (only on Saturday at 7:27) and the TTT annual water melon fest. There was a seed spitting contest, a water melon rolling relay, and The Big Splat… an unforgettable experience for sure. God has been doing many wonderful and powerful things here and I am sad that we have to go in a week.  – Nathaniel Bay
Been having the best week so far spending time with my awesome team. It’s been a little hard trying to get to know new people, but I will keep trying to get to know them since we leave in a week I won’t see them anymore. So on Sunday we got the chance to go to this really awesome church. It reminded me of my church – it kind of felt like I was back at home, that was my favorite church that we went to. I actually learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know. I really felt God growing in me when I was there.  I’m really excited to go home soon to see what God will do with me in my life, even though I will miss my team and will never meet anyone else like them. They will always be in my heart and will always be part of my family that will always be there for me, and I love them lots!  – Amber Carroll




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