The Final Report From Madagascar

Madagascar 8:5-1

Hello Friends, Family and Supporters!

This will be our final report from the field, the team members are looking forward to talking with their parents when we arrive in Florida.

Wednesday night is our last night here in Mahajanga. We spent the afternoon packing, cleaning and cooking for seven meals on the road. We have finished up all of our classes and tonight after rally we will load up the bus. Thursday morning we will wake up at 4am to be on the road by 5am with the hopes to arrive in Tana (Antananarivo) by 8pm. We are heading back to the capital city to wait for our flight. We will be staying two nights in a hotel in Tana which will hopefully be warmer than when we stayed at the YWAM camp when we flew in. On Friday we will go shopping for souvenirs in the morning and visit the zoo in the afternoon to see all the varieties of lemurs. Saturday morning we will head to the airport, say our goodbyes to Liva and be on our way back to the States. We are looking forward to a good Debrief.

A few words from the team:

Hayley Sampson-
Our time here is coming to a close and it’s sad to be leaving. There are so many great things happening here and I have to leave our furry friends Rafiki (puppy), Nala (mother of Rafiki), Milky (baby cow) and of course the rats. It will be a sad goodbye but I am excited to share about my summer. P.S. Shannon- you better not be using my bed!:) xoxo little sis

Wyatt Castle-
The time that I have spent with Teen Missions I have grown and learned so many things. I have learned many leadership skills, not only from the Bible, but here with my leaders. I have learned how to love others and respect them even when I get nothing in return. But above all I have grown in my faith more than I could even fathom and I can’t wait to be home and help others find the love of Christ in their life like TMI has helped show me.

Mndy Potter-
Wow, what an incredible summer! With many ups and downs (sometimes literally) God has done many amazing works. He broke me down in so many new ways, to show His awesome power. So many times it was so obvious that only God could have done all that we accomplished. I am so grateful for all God has done! Also, I get to be Miss Piggy for the Malagasy Boot Camp!

Deven Deck-
So the last week has been amazing, the Lord has been changing my life and He is showing me all the wonders He can teach me when I am on the Circuit. I can’t wait to tell my family and friends what He has been doing in my life.

Elizabeth Toney-
This has been such an amazing trip for me. Our second to last Sunday School was by far the most eventful. We rode over a river and through the bush for an hour and a half, and then we left our bikes in a village with our fearless leader Joe so that we could start our hour long trek through the desert to get to our Sunday School. We faced many obstacles on our walk, including thorn bushes, lots of sand, run away ox carts and a very unexpected river. The older kids at the Sunday School loved to play soccer with us and the younger ones had so much fun with the puppets! Sadly we’re done with the Circuits, but I’m excited to tell everyone back home of what God has done this summer.

Zach Campbell-
We’ve successfully finished the Circuit, Our last ride was amazing. We parked the bikes at a village and walked 40 minutes through a sandy desert, up and down steep trails and through streams of water two feet deep. We were worn out when we finally got there, but we jumped right in to a game of soccer as soon as we got to the field. It was definitely our longest day, but it was by far my favorite.

Marianna Potts-
This summer has been an amazing exerience. During our last Sunday School I was focusing on taking it all in. The ride, the beauty in nature, the kids laughing and playing soccer, our big guys coloring with the little kids and I smiled at their amusement with the puppets. It’s the little things that have made this summer so great. I am definitely gonna miss the Circuit and all our Sunday Schools. I just hope I had as much of an impact on Madagascar as this country did on me. The times I’ve had here have taught me so much. I am in love with this country, it’s culture and most of all the people.

Cache Anderson-
Well, we are heading home soon. We completed the Circuit. I can’t even explain my feelings right now. I am incredibly thankful that I had this opportunity to be a missionary here for this time. God is good.

*We have been in contact with Kenyan Airways via our travel agency. At this time, the team is flying as scheduled via Nairobi. If Kenya Airways officials do deem it necessary to not use Nairobi, they will move all flights via the Mombasa Airport in Mombasa, Kenya. The team is scheduled to fly as scheduled.



  1. Wow sounds amazing thinking of doing a trip hope all is well.!

  2. Did Madagascar get back? I’m in Norway and could’t find it on web site. Thanks.

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