Last Report From Cameroon

Cameroon 7:31-1

Yesterday was a great day of painting, foot washing, and bicycle fixing (the boys were great at this). Half of the team painted part of the Boot Camp buildings, while the other half foot washed some village orphans that were here by the base. The team had a great time working hard together for one of the last times here in Cameroon. They were grateful for the day.

Today we are shopping! The kids have waited weeks for this day and are very excited. Currently, a third of the team (Sherry Burns, Alexis Barstow, Michael Hartsfield, Sam Smith, Alyshia Collins and Kat Harrison) are at a Cameroonian coffee shop getting lunch before our second half of the shopping experience begins out in the market!

As our time here in Cameroon comes to an end, we remain thankful for so many things. Specifically mentioned was the spiritual support for one another on the team, and the time spent in devotions. The kids are also thankful for toilets, showers and electricity—although it is spotty here at times too. The kids are also thankful for Mr. Vitalis, an African here, who has become a favorite among the group.
Tomorrow we travel to visit an orphanage ran by previous Teen Missions participants. We are going to see how the orphanage is run, and the facility where they live. They are preparing dinner for us and we are very excited. On Saturday, we travel for six hours back to Douala in preparation for our flight back to Florida on Sunday.


  1. Emma,
    We are looking so forward to giving you a big hug. We are praying for your safe travel and readjustment to American time. We love you so much.
    Dad and everybody else

  2. Oh alyshia you really truly are a Washingtonian at heart nobody knows coffee like a Washingtonian! So glad you could find a coffee shop so far from home! I love you my sweet sweet baby!

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