The Last Report From Indiana

Indiana 8:6-2

This report marks the beginning of our final days in Indiana. These last three days may prove to be the most difficult as we make our final stand together at the Wabash County Street Fair. Last night we experienced the venue for the first time and were met by the enemy’s initial test – loud secular dance music stationed within a few yards of our tent, playing non-stop all evening.  After a summer of being exposed to very little music at all, there were times when keeping policy was a true struggle for some of us. Praise the Lord for His strength that we made it through the night without succumbing to temptation; our Shield held, and we were victorious. About two hours into the fair-share, our front lines (our kids who were standing out beyond the tent catching passersby)  were pushed back by one of the fair staff. And so, instead of having our kids standing back to back in the center of traffic (an ideal place to be at this fair), they were made to stand in a line just outside our TTT tent. After that, we were hard pressed to persuade any to stop for a survey or accept a tract. However, not long after, God gave us the opening we needed to send the team back into the fray, and we were once again spread out into the street and the balance tipped in our favor. At the end of the long night, we were worn out but still standing; our Sword remained sharp, and many seeds were planted in the hearts of the people. We are all hoping and praying that by the end of Friday night we’ll have conducted three-hundred surveys and witnessed the salvation of thirty people. Our goal is big, and without God impossible, but He is our hope and stay and the answerer of prayer. Please pray with us that we will be able to be the planters of three hundred seeds, and the harvesters of thirty souls.

Earlier this week, on Monday and Tuesday, the team worked outside finishing up some of the projects that the Scotland team had started. Over the course of two days, they put siding on the walls of the dorms and spread truckloads of dirt and straw over a treacherous hill in order to level out the footing. This morning the team went outside for the last time in order to finish up the siding on the dorms as well as put a net over the hill so that future rains don’t wash away their progress. The Indiana team has proven to be a hardworking group of kids despite being ‘just an E.V. team’, and they’ve gotten a lot done in a short amount of time.

All in all, though the summer’s not quite through, it seems safe to say that this has been a ‘successful’ season. We may not have led every person we spoke with to Christ, but the Lord is the One who brings the fruit, and we can trust Him to care for all those who heard the Truth but didn’t accept Him.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and to everyone who supported the members of the Indiana team. This summer has been amazing, and while we’re all looking forward to going home, we’re sad at the thought of going our separate ways. Praise the Lord for all He has done through this team, for all of the new believers beginning to live out their faith, and for all the people who walked away unsure but later, without our knowledge, accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

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  1. I’m from Indiana and I enjoyed having them at ttt this year! Nathaniel gave me a nick name(pippin) and Skyler made me laugh I miss all of them so much I wich I could see them again I made friends with all of them.My favorite part when they where here was the parade.I wish I could see them all again. If u have the chance tell Skyler Miller Nathaniel Bay I said hi and that it is different without them here!!!!!

    Breona from evensville IN

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