Testimonies From Indiana

Coming to Teen Missions was a time I definitely got stretched, going to the fairs and talking to people who walked by was intimidating. But Christ helped me be bold and I was able to talk to people, and even lead a few to Christ.  – Luke Hochstetler

The Lord has shown me the things in my life that I need to change. I’m now more confident to share the good news. Being out of my comfort zone has changed me. – Skylar Miller
I have gotten to do so much that I wouldn’t of done at home, so I have been able to share God with lots of people and been able to lead a couple of people to God, I’ve also been making the most awesome friends. – Amber Carroll
Hey Peeps! This summer was amazing. We had an awesome team. God taught me a lot. He taught me how to forgive, and to learn how to love. I can’t wait to come home and share what Christ has done with me and through me. – Mickie Kranch
This summer I learned how to open up and be comfortable with other people. And I’ve also been getting really close with God during devotions. So it’s just been an awesome experience.  – Shamira Carroll
This summer God has really shown me my strengths and my weaknesses.Putting Jesus as Lord of my life has really strengthened my relationship with Him.  – Ben Harris
This summer God has really shown Himself to me! Every day has been such a blessing because we have done so much from horse back riding to going to fairs and witnessing to 2,900 people. God is so good. I have seen spiritual growth and it has been amazing.  – Aaron Wiggins
I had a great summer getting to know new sisters and brothers in Christ and learning how to be bold for God.  I also learned how to work on myself so I can be more like Christ.  Vera Gilmore
This summer was my first summer at TMI and it was better than expected.  I had fun on the days we ‘were sightseeing’ and were evangelizing.  The people at the fairs were cool and talkative about their spiritual lives.  Praise God.  – Logan Wolbert
This summer was fun whether we were doing EV (evangelism) or being rained out of EV, or having work days. When we were not doing either we were doing bible study, quizzing, and extra training.  – Nathaniel Bay
When we got to TTT things were awesome. My favorite parts of the summer are the Log Inn and Holiday World. Indiana 8:10-1 Indiana 8:10-2I’m happy because I talked to more people than I thought I would at the fairs, and learned all of my verses.  – Richie Slaughter

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  1. I’m glad the Indiana team had fun. We miss them all so much. It tore me to pieces saying goodbye. I think I speak for all of TTT when I say: WE LOVE YOU, INDIANA TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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