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Dear Friends,



The team arrived at Boot Camp, went through training, commissioning, and then left for Peru. Once in Peru, the team began work on a small two-story house for the Pastor and his family. The building project was typical South American construction. The team was able to finish the first floor of the house during the project time. On the weekends, the team did evangelism presentations at an elementary school, an orphanage, and a couple other churches. For our sightseeing day, we traveled by bus to a waterfall, where we enjoyed the view and a swim. We also walked to the Lake to buy souvenirs and rode motorcars to see the Amazon River. When our time ended in Peru, we flew back to Florida for an enjoyable Debrief before everyone returned home. My favorite part of the summer was visiting the orphanage. Joshua and I pushed a special needs boy around in his wheelchair. Now, we thought that you would enjoy reading what Tori and Joshua wrote about the summer.


My Summer in Peru

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi! My name is Tori. This summer my family led a team to Peru! We had to be on a bus for four hours to get to the Miami airport where we stayed overnight. I did not sleep much. The floor was too hard and cold. The airport would not let us go through security until after lunch. Finally, we got on the plane. It was a five hour flight, so I drew in my sketch book and slept. When we got off the plane, we were in Peru! But we still had to spend the night in the airport and wait to fly on another plane to get to Pucallpa. That flight was short. It was only one hour long. It was late when we got to the airport. Some of the people from the Peruvian church picked us up. The team members stayed in the Sunday School classrooms, and my family and I stayed in a small room attached to the kitchen where the meals were cooked. The second day that we were there the team began digging the foundation of the Pastor’s house. I helped Jessica clean the shovels. They were really messy and fun to clean because they had globs of red Peruvian clay on them! There was a little dog where we were working. Joshua and I pet her and tried to get her to play fetch. She didn’t get it. After the team dug the holes for the nine pillars, some of them had to mix concrete so they could pour them. The rest of the team bent steel to make forms so the pillars would be stronger. They had to tie the steel, so I got pliers and my dad showed me how to cut wire so I could cut it for Clare and Jessica. That was lots of fun! I cut wire every time they were steel tying. When they started to lay bricks, I chopped bricks in half because on the corners a full brick would not fit. I would chop them, and then I would stack them like a tower! I would also get bricks for people. Towards the end of our trip, we got to go to an orphanage and share God’s love with the children there. It was fun to play with the kids even though we could not understand what they were saying because they spoke Spanish. Before we went back to Florida, the team got the cap beam up. We left on Sunday. A TMI bus came and took us back to Teen Missions for Debrief. During Debrief the team went to classes while Joshua and I stayed in the dorm room and played. Also, during Debrief we got to go to the beach and Wet’n Wild! It was so awesome! On the final day, they had a banquet where they got served on China plates. I made cards for all of my friends: Clare, Shannon, Hannah B., Jessica, Casey, and Amelia. I had a great summer! While in Peru, I learned to trust God more and depend on Him more. I also learned in Bible marking class about how much He loves us and how we should obey Him to show that we love Him and show His love to others. “A new command I give to you: Love one another. As I have loved you so you must love one another.” John 13:34



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi, my name is Joshua and I went on a summer team to Peru. First off when the summer began, I went to Munchkin Missions which is a daycare for TMI staff kids. You do stuff like have a snack, go swimming, play, and go the library. Then you go on a team. My family went to Peru. It was fun. We went on a bus to get to the Miami airport. It took us four whole hours! Finally, we arrived at the airport. This is not the only time I have been in an airport. At the airport, we did some walking and then found a place to sleep. In the morning, I talked to some of the team. Did I mention that we had 20 teenagers, four grownups, and two kids including myself on the team? After the morning, we walked some more. Then, finally we could walk to the plane. In Peru, I stayed in a room that was really dirty. We shared God’s Word and built a house for a pastor. I helped build the house by digging clay out of the ground and putting it in a big hole. I also chopped bricks in half. I also went to an orphanage and played with the children. I hope they can know God one day. I learned that you should always put God first and trust Him. I knew that….but I never did it. Building the house was hard but it was fun, and I hope your summer was fun too!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe thank all of you who sent money to pay for Tori and Joshua to go to Peru with us. We were blessed by God’s provision of all the finances we needed through those of you who gave. Thank You!


Now, we are back to work at the office. Melissa continues to work in the Finance Department and Don with Land Crew. Don has helped finish putting on a roof, cut trees, and other miscellaneous things. Tori and Joshua started school. Tori turned 11 in August and is in sixth grade while Joshua is eight and in third grade.


The Motorcycle Sunday School Mission ministry continues to grow. The Director, Mr. Bland, traveled to the bases in Indonesia this summer and they began training circuit riders to start 12 new Sunday Schools. And once the BMW students in Cambodia finish their second year of schooling, hopefully the ministry will get started in that country as well. The Circuit Rider Band has begun their nine month tour of promoting the MSSM ministry in various churches and places all over the USA.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease check out the Teen Mission website to learn about the 2014 summer teams. Over 150 teens have already registered to participate next summer.

We are very thankful for each of you who support us through praying and giving. May the Lord bless you!


In His Love,



Don, Melissa, Tori and Joshua Derstine

Ephesians 5:17, Joshua 1:9



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