McCracken, Samuel (Fall 2013)

McCracken Staff Newsletter

Dear friends, family, and supporters,


It has been another wonderful summer here at Teen Missions. God moved mightily in the hearts of 600 kids and some gave their hearts to Him or recommitted their lives to Him. (To God be all the glory!) They went through the Lord’s Boot Camp which prepared and equipped them for their missions’ trips. Then they went out to many different countries to share the love of Jesus with a lost and dying world. They were also able to do many construction projects that improved Teen Missions bases and other ministries worldwide.


This summer I helped lead a team of Peanuts (7-9 year olds) as well as a Preteen (10-13 year olds) team.  Our peanut team was called “Cookie Command” and we made lots of cookies with Bible verses attached to them for the fire fighters. We also did our singing and puppet presentation for a nursing home that we visited during our outreach. It went well and people were blessed that we cared enough to visit and share Jesus with them.  One of the girls on our Peanut team accepted Christ for the first time and another recommitted her life to the LORD! Praise be to God!


Our Preteen team went to Flagstaff, Arizona to help renovate a Christian Retreat Center at El Nathan Ministries and also to minister to the Navajo there. The retreat center hosted an IMG_1681annual retreat for over 100 Navajo while we were there and we were able to minister to them through our singing and puppet presentations and by befriending them and playing with their children.


Our kids worked diligently to spread lots of mulch around the property and they also painted part of one of the buildings. We also purchased six nice park benches that were placed around the property, making it easier for people to enjoy their retreats. We helped take apart about 25 sets of bunk beds and put them away in storage, which made the rooms available for other ministry opportunities. Towards the end of our stay, there was a big hail storm and flash flood that ripped through the IMG_1667campground and caused significant damage to the roads and almost washed the fence away. We pitched in and worked to help smooth out the roads with mulch. Emery Aronson, our bus driver and staff with TMI, used a bulldozer to help fix the damaged roads and haul the mulch around for us. The ministry that God enabled us to do for El Nathan Ministries made a big difference and they were very blessed that we came. We were blessed to be able to go on a Navajo reservation and visit a church there and do our singing presentation for them. They were very happy to have us and even taught us some of their language and a song!  We also were very blessed to visit the Grand Canyon during our trip and it was breathtakingly beautiful!  God sure did an amazing job when He created this beautiful world we live in! We also hiked a 2,000 ft mountain behind the retreat center with a breathtaking view from the top! Not an easy climb, but a great team building experience!


Redika and I plan to be married in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 15, 2013. We will then apply for her visa to come to the US which will take about 6-12 months.  During this time we plan to be serving at one of our TMI bases in Indonesia.  I will be doing some office work, construction, and some work in promotions. Redika will be teaching and also doing work in promotions. We have some of the funds needed but still need to raise $4,000 for immigration visas and other traveling expenses.  We are trusting that God will increase our monthly support so that our needs will be met while we are serving Him in Indonesia together.

Redika and I on Senga Bay Beach

We are so very grateful for all who have prayed for us and for the kids during the summer. We greatly appreciate all who have given and do give financially. Your prayers and financial sacrifice have made our ministry possible and are a great encouragement to us. Thank you.



For another wonderful spiritually fruitful summer

For my continued good health

For God providing for my needs

For God blessing me with such a wonderful, Godly fiancé


Prayer requests:

For God’s provision for the $4,000 still needed for our future

For more victory in spiritual warfare

For a continual pure heart and mind


His Servant,

Samuel McCracken

E-mail: [email protected]

Cell: (321) 458-5276


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