Aronson, Emery & Linda (Fall 2013)


Is it really fall again already? Seems to me that every year passes a little more quickly. Do any of you find that true in your lives? It is our hope and prayer that this finds you well and that God is blessing you in every way possible.


Another busy summer is now behind us. Once again, I (Linda) was very involved in the Mustard Seed ministry. One sad occurance this year is that one of the children got sick and had to go home. It is always sad to see a little one have to leave. In addition to my ministry with the Mustard Seeds, I was also summer staff. Because we have three staff ladies who are expecting, we had more summer staff than usual. But, as the Word says, many hands make light work. One special aspect of being summer staff is watching the teams return for Debrief and seeing the changes in many of their lives. It is so refreshing and so encouraging. DSCN2676


Emery, besides the usual summer airport runs, also helped drive the Preteen Arizona team. This particular team did a work project at a Navajo Indian camp. A great deal of rain had fallen in that area and they really needed help moving and leveling dirt. They had a back-hoe, which Emery was able to drive and thereby help the team out a great deal. Because the team’s location was at a higher elevation, the weather was pretty nice. Temperatures mostly in the 70-80 degree rance and at night, in the low 50s! In addition to moving the dirt, the kids also helped clean dorms and move beds around to better meet the needs.


I am uncertain of the numbers reported for salvations through this summer’s ministry, but for every one of them, we are thankful to the Lord. It is an amazing experience for young folks to realize that they, too, can be part of the Great Commission and take God’s love and salvation to the world.


Joseph recently got hired at the Brevard Zoo. He is very excited about this. It is a training position and he will learn about landscaping. He will be working, for now, a couple days a week. It is a paid position, not a great deal, but it is something, and will provide him with a good skill as well as some pocket money of his own. He also likes to volunteer as much as he can, and, as usual, helped Emery with summer airport bus runs.


Ava and Aiden continue to grow like little weeds in spite of our best efforts to talk them out of it. They are a great joy and blessing in all our lives, and we are so thankful for them.


Emery and I want to thank each and every one of you for partnering with us through your prayers and your giving as God leads and provides. We could not be part of the Teen Missions staff and all that God is doing through this ministry without you. May the Lord bless you for the role you play in our ministry, and if you have special prayer needs, please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can pray with and for you, too.

Together in His Service,

Emery and Linda Aronson

Ephesians 6:9


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