Lane, Bob & Betty (Fall 2013)

Lane Staff Newsletter

Dear Family & Friends,


Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus. The office is up and running and there are 180 teens signed up for next year’s Teen Missions teams – wow, didn’t we just do that?


Betty’s back has been giving her enough pain so that she had to have three epidural injections to give her relief. Bob fell while working on our grandson’s play house and cracked a rib on his left side. The doctor told him it could be up to a year to heal. He still has pain in his shoulder and is under a doctor’s care.


STeen Missi13100215521Betty and I took a three day trip and drove to the southernmost point in the USA just 90 miles from Cuba. It was the first time we visited Key West. We stopped off in Tampa and had lunch with Bob’s brother and wife. We had a nice visit.


Bob pressure washed our house and he and Nancy, our daughter, painted it. Our oldest son, Robert, and his wife returned from Vietnam after 18 months. It was a happy reunion. We had a nice visit from Tatiana and her husband. We met her in the Ukraine 20 years ago. God blessed us with our 7th great grandchild, Gabrielle. She is a special gift from God. They bring us much joy.


Bob has put in his fall garden and we also had a nice crop of mango, papaya, and avocado. Bob performed our grandson Westley and Amanda’s wedding. It was a nice gathering of family and friends. One of Westley’s friends asked Bob if he would STeen Missi13100215511 copyperform his wedding next year. Our granddaughter Desiree’s wedding will be next year. Our 7 year old cousin, Eli, had a near death accident on a four wheeler that crushed his face in. He lost an eye and has had reconstructive surgery. Eli is doing much better through the prayers of family and friends. God spared his life and through it all one of the nurses attending him saw the power of God working on his behalf and became a believer – praise God!


STeen Missi13100215524Bob leaves for Guatemala the last week of October to visit a couple of orphanages, the place where the team will work next summer. We might not get another letter out before Thanksgiving and Christmas so we will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.


Love to All,


Bob & Betty Lane


“I want to be so full of Christ that when a mosquito bites me, she flies away singing, ‘There’s power in the blood!’”


Pray for

– Salvation for family and friends

– Safety in travel

– Health to serve


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