Chicas, Chico & Kathy (Fall 2013)

Chicas Staff Newsletter

Our Dear Friends and Family in Ministry,


Greetings from Honduras! We hope that you are doing well, and if you are not, we pray that God will strengthen and encourage you.(I Peter 5:6-11) We had quite a full summer, and it is an honor to be able to share some of the highlights with you!


P1050464A big thank you to all who prayed for and gave towards Daniel and Samuel’s missions trips this summer! They were blessed to be able to learn from the new experiences and we trust the people where they went were blessed as well. Daniel saw God’s faithfulness when he was able to get his Russian visa with no problems at all – and then all of the needed support came in – what miracles! After their training in Florida, Daniel’s team went to Krasnaya Niva, the Teen Missions in Russia property, where they helped out with the Boot Camp that was going on there. That proved to be a good P1050590opportunity for the young people to interact and make friends. After those teams left for their projects, Daniel’s team continued working around the property as well as doing evangelism in the nearby community. They played soccer with the kids, did yard work for neighbors, and did drama presentations at bus stops, in front of stores, and other public places.


Samuel’s team had a great impact on the people of South Africa. S.A. TeamSince most of the poorer people go barefoot all the time, their feet often have wounds and diseases. This team of 10-13 year old kids and their leaders, washed the feet of children and adults, and then gave them a new pair of socks and shoes. Talk about humbling! They also visited several communities and they also gave presentations with dramas, puppets, and singing. There were people who accepted Jesus but Samuel didn’t know the exact number. We praise the Lord for the work done in these countries as SUNP0116well as the other places where Teen Missions had teams this summer.


One of those other countries was here in Honduras! Chico and I were not the leaders of the team this year, but we served as the missionaries, meaning that we did the planning and made the contacts for where the team would be going and what they would be doing. We could see God’s hand of guidance, because things worked out so well. The idea of this team was to visit a different school each day for two weeks, playing soccer games with the kids and doing an evangelistic presentation afterwards. The kids loved it! And the team had a very nice presentation. After their dramas and puppets, one of the girls presented the plan of salvation in a very clear and enthusiastic manner (the way it should be done always!) As a result, at most of the schools, almost all of the kids would come forward to receive Jesus! In total, there were over 800 people who prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. Maybe some of them only went because they felt peer pressure, but God knows the hearts of those who truly desire to give their lives to Him. May we remember to pray for them, that they would be encouraged to seek to know, love, and honor God as the King that He is.


Now that we have started the Fall term of classes here at the Bible, Missionary, and Work Training Center, we are all very busy in our daily schedules. Chico is teaching the Hermeneutics class (the art of interpretation of the scriptures), while taking five classes at the university in San Pedro Sula. We are still not sure how many classes remain before he will be finished because they keep changing the requirements for graduation. Last term, while not in classes, he was evangelizing in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the city. Now the gang leaders have told him he is not to return – but he doesn’t want to give up. Please pray that God will open a door for this ministry to continue. Kathy is homeschooling Daniel, Samuel, and Abi, and teaching English to the BMW students, as well as working in the office in the afternoons and teaching Awana on Sundays. Dunia is teaching the book of Acts and Karina is teaching Spanish grammar as well as taking turns in the kitchen and other various jobs around the base. Our eight students receive classes in the mornings, work outside in the afternoons, and have ministries in the nearby communities on the weekends. We decided to try a new crop in our agricultural experiments – it is called Malanga. So far, we have 4,000 shoots planted and are planning on about 16,000 more. However, we have not abandoned our coffee! The two acres that we planted two years ago is actually producing it’s first coffee beans! But the big harvest should be next year.


During the week, we learn and grow closer to the Lord; and on the weekends, we share the message of God’s Word with children and adults in the San Isidro and Santa Cruz areas. The students have been blessed as they witness the enthusiasm of the kids when they come each Saturday and we can see the difference we are making for eternity. In addition, we have been invited to present dramas in numerous events in public places including Independence Day, Children’s Day, and National Day of the Bible. Chico has been invited to speak/teach/preach in several churches and other places recently. At one church, he gave a series on the importance of fellowship and unity within the church in order to be an example to the unbelieving world. As a result, the community held the first service in over 25 years in which four different denominations came together! We really praise God for all the opportunities that He has been allowing us to be a part of!


Looking to the near future right now means getting ready for the next Boot Camp here in Honduras. We have four teams planned: two would be working in difficult neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula, one would be working with children, and the fourth would be going into the mountains of Intibuca. We sure do appreciate your prayers since this is a time when God speaks to so many people in Honduras. We pray that God will provide the finances necessary to run the program; that He will bring the youth that He desires to work in and through; for leaders who love the Lord; and willing volunteers! With Leader Training Seminar in mid-December, we are literally just weeks away from all the action.


THANK YOU so much to each one of you who have been praying for our family and the ministry here! We go through a lot of hard times, just as I’m sure you all do, too. It is important to remember that, while there is an enemy actively trying to discourage and destroy us, strength and joy are found at the feet of Jesus! Things may not always be easy, but doing what God wants is always worth it. Please continue to pray for our marriage, for wisdom in raising our children, and for making decisions in the Bible School.


Thank you, God bless you, and we love you!


Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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