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Petersen DB Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,


The verse above is a reminder that HE is our sufficiency. It is only God Who changes lives.  We praise God for the last few months. We have seen the Lord work in lives and minister to people in many ways.


First, we had another US team of teens come to Zambia from the Lord’s Boot Camp in Merritt Island, Florida. They came to build a bridge in a remote place where we have a Rescue Unit.  What was REALLY special is that this location (Mukema) is supported by our home church, Redeemer Temple, in Denver, Colorado. This Rescue Unit has a stream that floods in the rainyIMG_0344 season and the children cannot cross as the water can reach chest high on an adult.  Our facilitators (staff guys) have, in the past, had to carry kids across on their shoulders to get to school.  Our trucks have not been able to get to this location during the rainy season due to the flooding.  We have had to call it a “no go” zone.  So we are thankful for the bridge that was built. There is still some work to do to get the approaches to and from the bridge ready but the team did a lot of hard work to get it to this point. Thank  you, Zambia Bridge Team!


Next, I would like to share a couple of stories with you.


Story One: God saves a household! Rabbi Shawa (Facilitator at Mumena Rescue Unit)  gave me a testimony one evening.   An 8 year old girl was attending Sunday School which is run at the Unit.  She was doing her memory verses and she had a little New Testament that she could also read.  Her parents are Jehovah Witnesses, so they were troubling her for memorizing her verses, saying, “This Bible is not the same as our Bible.”  So she was using a candle in bed at night and she kept on reading and memorizing anyway.  Her father saw her one night and got very upset.  Later, during Sunday School, she told Rabbi about her problems at home regarding memorizing.   Then one day not long after, the parents showed up at the Unit.  They asked Rabbi if they could sit down and talk to him.  He thought he was probably in trouble.  But instead, the father reported that his little girl has totally changed. He said that he couldn’t understand this change.   He said that even her school grades had gone way up, when before she was barely passing.  He said, “It has to be this Jesus.”  He said, “My daughter has changed!”   He said,  “Tell me about Jesus.”  Rabbi shared with them the Scriptures and asked the parents if they wanted to receive this same Jesus that the daughter had found.  He said, “Yes, and I want the whole family to do so to.”   Rabbi has since led the whole family of seven to the Lord.  The father and mother are also coming to Sunday School (Bible Classes)  each week.  Rabbi said that the father is in the Teachers’ Training Class also and is  growing by leaps and bounds. He wants all of his JW friends to get saved.  The father is witnessing to them.   Praise be to God for His marvelous saving power!


IMG_0337Story Two:  Sunday School Camp: We had a camp early this past month for the local Sunday School kids who meet at our Ndola base.  Eighty – eight showed up when we were expecting about 30.  🙂  Somehow, we adjusted, and we let them all stay.  One of our staff guys had to go back around and make sure all of the parents/guardians knew where their kids were.  Their ages were from eight years old to teenagers.  However,  some looked younger than that to me.  Some had very little to wear and it happened to get colder again so we got some of the “gift” clothes that were still left  out of the container.  Praise the Lord for the donations.  The kids were all so happy, with big smiles all weekend.  Some of these kids go hungry at home so I am sure that they loved the three meals a day.  It makes me cry.  We have noticed that they pick our oranges off of our trees when they come each week but when we found out that some have only water for breakfast and eat one meager meal a day, if that, we decided to dedicate our orange trees to the “ministry”.  The Sunday School teachers  told me when the truck took them home to their compounds that the people were in the roads cheering for them, welcoming them home in a big way after just two nights.  The kids said that they were at “Boot Camp.”  🙂  haha  Not quite, but that was how they pictured it.  Alex, one of their teachers, said that about 70 children came forward during the various altar calls.  Most of them were praying for Jesus to save them.  We give God all of the Glory for what He did for them.


Story Three: “Today is my birthday!” (Written by Circuit Rider: Steve Kaoma)  Chipo, a crippled man, is appreciating what the MSSM is doing. (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission) I and the children visited Chipo’s home. He had nothing in his house so we encouraged him with the Word of God. We prayed for him and the children cleaned the surroundings. We gave him all the Sunday School offering we collected of maize grain. We also gave wild fruits and ground nuts and pumpkins. Chipo doesn’t know his birthday, he just knows the year he was born. So he was joking around and saying that today is my birthday. We IMG_0348asked him, “Why today?” He said, “Because I have never been given the food stuffs like I received today so it must be my birthday.” He said, “It has been a long time since I have had food in my house. I thank God for this ministry. God always remembers His children. Today God sent the angels to visit me. I have had  no food and the only hope I have is to catch one rat for a meal each day. But by the grace of God, you came with this food. Thank you so much. May the Lord richly bless you.”


To our Supporters, we say a humble “ thank you” again.  You are the best ever!!!  We pray for you that your “cups are running over”.  May fruit be abounding to your account. We love you!


Thank you again for joining your hands with ours as we labor together~

In His Harvest,


Doug and Barb Petersen

PO Box 71569                                 251 Heavenly St.

Ndola                                                Merritt Island, FL

ZAMBIA                                            32953



  1. Shannon (Gruwell) Sharp

    Hello to my dear former leaders of Zimbab-Zimbab-ZIMBABWE ’92. It is such a joy to read up on your current ministry with TMI. I loved seeing you interviewed on the CBS 48 hours from 2008 which I just watch recently. It seems I have been reunited with the TMI vision as my two oldest children will be serving this coming summer. Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with me and so many others!

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