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The adventure of a lifetime awaits as you serve on Teen Missions first Preteen team to the scenic, rustic countryside of Poland. AfterCommissioning you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Frankfurt, Germany. Enjoy the beautiful scenery dotted with castles and mountains as you bus eight hours to Gorlitz, Germany where you cross the border into Poland. From the border crossing, it is another hour to your project site in the town of Jawor where you will continue renovations on a church building by removing old plaster and painting. You will also have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus using puppets, dramas and singing. Housing will be in the church building, with showers available; laundry will be done using a bucket. You will have the opportunity to visit the Church of Peace, completed in 1655 and listed as a World Heritage Site, as well as the medieval castle of Walybyruzyck. Before returning home, you may have the chance to sample some delicious Polish dumplings and pierogies. Handmade crafts, chocolate and wood carvings are just a few of the souvenirs you may want to take home to remember your summer.

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Estimated Project Expense: $3590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee
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  1. Hi! yesterday (January31, 2014) I registered for the Poland trip (Ecuador second choice). I was wondering how many spots were left. I was going to ask some friends if they wanted to come. Is there still room for more?

  2. what is the maximum team size for overseas trips and how close to full is the Poland trip?
    is there any opportunity for parents to accompany children on an overseas trip?

    • Erik, Normally, we put up to 25 team members on a team. Poland is still open, but is one of the more popular Preteen trips. You can contact the Leader Dept. is you are interested in leading the team. However, most parents do not go on the teams.

  3. Hi! I’m 12, and I would like to know if there are any trips that I could work with younger children on?

    • Maddy, If you don’t turn 13 before or during the summer, you would need to go on a Preteen trip. The Malawi team will probably have the most opportunity to work with children.

  4. Are there any leaders needed for this trip? I was on the Italy Backpack team in 2012 and was considering being a leader for a preteen team this coming summer.

  5. I went on the teens trip to Jawor, Poland in 2006. Beautiful country, beautiful people! Is it possible to get an update on the job that we worked on for mission number 02-04-06?!

  6. are we allowed to bring phones just for music on the flight? or just ipods, tablets, etc.?

  7. what are some funraisers we can do to earn money?

  8. We were wondering how many kids are signed up for Poland? We are so excited.

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