Blessings and News from Cameroon

Our student numbers has increased by four. Now we have a total of nine students. The roof of the new building is completed. Every Tuesday we have MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Missions) classes with the children in upper Ebanili, Cameroon. We heard from that village it was wonderful. The people of this village they are very happy with us. All this time we have been hearing the children are very happy with us. When the children hear the sound of the bike (motorcycle), they will be running after the bike only to see us coming. Many children testify about their lives how they were stubborn to parents but as we have been teaching them all DSC01158this time, they are now very honorable to their parents. So for all this we give glory to the Lord God. We are also very thankful because, as you can see, God is blessing our garden. Thank you for keeping us in prayer.

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