Events and Updates from Ecuador

We started the new term, we have five students, three new ones and two old ones. We have been working most of the time on 2013-09-26 14.40.01finishing the second floor of the Staff House, also cleaning around the property and doing general maintenance to the water heaters of the rooms, maintenance to the plumbing. We also have been doing the ministry with the kids on Wednesdays, the number of kids had come down because of the rain. Yes the rain has started now, but there are still some kids that keep coming. Also we have rented part of the land to some of our neighbors and I want to start planting another part. We have been getting the chicken coop better, and now we have about 20 chickens. Soon we are going to get eggs and eat some of them. The weather has been very cold this last week here in Ecuador, but thanks God we are doing good, our kids are doing good.

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