Australia’s Awesome Camp Season

The Australia base is busy with youth camps. The large youth camps have arrived. This is our mad season, camps are coming and going. This last week we had over 300 church group teens running around…We have seen 190 salvations or dedications from this. Praise God! The second group arrived right after the first group was driving the buses out the door. They did not leave cook islands Australian mission tripus much time to clean, but they seemed like they did not mind. This second church group is about 150 also from Brisbane. The only problem we had with these groups is they like to worship God with a loud voice. I love the music and you can hear it for miles, which is the problem as our nearest new neighbor has let us know that he is not a fan of that kind of music. He is more then a kilometer away. We are looking forward to seeing what God will do with this group and hope to add to the salvation totals. Following them is Scripture Union with another 150 coming. Many FTM’s and FTL’s are with them. We will have a mini reunion. I praise God that our FTM and FTL are putting to use the things we have taught them and making a difference here in Australia.

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