Children’s Ministry Growing in Cambodia

Skirted tables for girlsGreetings from Cambodia, we are doing well despite flooding and heat. We have continued our Khmer classes as they are doing well, things are starting to make more sense (not in writing but at least in speech) and we are able to make some simple sentences. We are behind on some things because we are learning how to do them here and because people don’t usually offer us a good price so we have to run around till we find the shops that are reasonable.


We have continued the projects around the base and things continue to shape up each day. We almost finished the new office, it has new lights and sockets, the wall is fully done and painted and we are just cleaning and rearranging it. We also did painting in other rooms such as the guest room and bedrooms and painting some of the benches. There has been a lot of cleaning, including washing the windows and weeding the plants. Some of the windows still had paint on them from before Teen Missions owned it because the walls are not even that color anymore. Their were a lot of touch up paint jobs especially after the electrician did his work. One of the students also was stenciling very carefully the verse (that in all things He might have the pre-eminence…) above the map. Khmer script is so artistic it took quite awhile, but is now ready to paint.


One of the ministries that Heni and I have been encouraged by is the children’s ministry here at the base. Soukha and Tree have been doing so much better after a rocky start. The kids always come early. This weekend we were still eating lunch and the kids were at the gate asking to come in and have class. Soukha said please just let me finish my soup then we can start early! Tree took the kids in and starting singing with them and they seem to really love both of their teachers. The parents had to come drag the kids home because they were enjoying it so much. Some kids come and visit everyday. The children are also really happy to know Heni and I. They see us in the street and joyfully call to us. They even try and come open the gate for us when we come home from somewhere. Although are names are hard for them to say they continually want to practice our names.

Mat & Heni Wylie

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