Reaching Out to the Youth in India

On October 2, the Metropolitan Mission conducted Youth fest at Metropolitan Mission church in Gunadala, India. About 800 youth attend with all of our students who were invited. On the 16th we had another organization conducted youth fest to this our students helped them to organize the meeting. More then 10,000 youth attended it was down in Lvola auditorium. These both fests were given physical help by our students.2013-10-20 10.19.29



Sundays schools and youth ministry is going on well. If you give us also MSSM we will be covering more villages. Through our Sunday school programmer most of the pastors been challenged and started by their own. Village pastors never cared for the Sunday school, mostly they were concentrated on the church work, adult meetings and Gospel meetings. After TMI entered into the churches with Sunday school, motivated children and pastors, most of the Sunday schools which was started by the First batch improved and want on to a level to conduct themselves. Even youth meetings and several young teens went to the up to the pastoral level. This is mostly done by walk and by bicycle. If you give us MSSM program we will be doing grate work even far villages.



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