Good News from Madagascar

Last week was a busy week as it was the last week of preparation for the starting of the Nirina school here in Madagascar. We painted some chalk boards, cleaning and fixing toilet, fixing damaged doors, windows and benches. The other works were moving the library books as Nomena decided to have them up here instead of at the Nirina school and turning the library room into a  store. We are still at the dry season even the rain is almost coming, so we have to keep watering the flower bed and the grass every morning. Then have to do the sweeping since many mango leaves are falling here and there, they get pilled up and make the surrounding looks dirty if we don’t get rid of them.We are expecting a seven new BMW to come, six has come and one more is suppose to come tomorrow from Tana. We do not start class until October 21 but we have them two weeks early because we have some work to do in preparation. So right now the BMW are just working, we have a morning chores as usual, breakfast, devotion then chapel, from there we go to work until lunch time then we go back again at 1:30 ending at 4: 30, they have free time, supper, and then evening devotion group at 7. Lights out is at 9. This is not yet the regular BMW schedule, but once we start on the 21 then we will change it into that regular one. The BMWs seem to be enjoying their new life here, they are working hard. We had to fix some bunk beds, rearrange the tool rooms, we also rearrange the junk store, cleaned it and makes easy to find out stuff when you are looking for them, people just dump stuff every where and it was a mess and makes it really hard to get and find things. I was amazed and happy to see no rat at all there, that used to be their place, we have tried to apply rat poison every three months so I guess that helped and also we have a cat around so may be that had something to do with that too. We cut the flower bed in front of our house to make a way for the vehicles to the porch, so we are kind of turning the porch into a garage now since staying outside the vehicles got ruined quickly, we will be pouring concrete for that. We did some work on the kitchen BMW during BC so right now we are not worrying about rain leaking in the kitchen. The kitchen is just kind of an opened area now but the roofing and floor is secured so the next work will be involving in securing the walls.
Madagascar 8:5-5


Once we started, the motor bike stopped by itself, long time after trying again and again when it started again and we prayed. There were 10 kids, no adult. Most of the kids are small from ten and under so they are making noise. Did not do door to door, there were 2 ladies attending teacher training.

Our host family were still practicing the ancestor worship. They have just done it and they knew it is against christianity and kind of shy about it. He was asking a question about it and the christian point of view on this. Jocelyn explained to him , and he felt guilty but since the invitation was already going on he did not dare to cancel the practice. There were 40 kids attending, the offering was 460 Ariary ( less than 25 cents) . The road to go to this village is  bad. Please pray for Christophe who is being pushed away and mistreated by his sep father, we  keep encouraging his mother.


There were 13 kids and 3 adults. The interesting things at this village is that the people thought that we were coming to kidnap , steal kids or something like that, but now they do not think of us lika that anymore. We had a talk with some young people as well they are hunger for soccer. Tony and Dore still arrived at Sunday school even though they were from 5 miles away . One came for  ateacher training

At Betsako there were 10 kids and 1 adult. The offering was : 200 Ariary .
The good things we have noticed is that before many kids like to say bad words at any time but now we can see the difference . They like their memory verses here. One lady was praising God because God has always answer her prayer especially she prayed for her health and the exam of her kid
Shameful thing happened at this village, Jean Luc is 10 and he raped a 6 years old girl.


There were 26 kids , one lady attended teacher training.
We could see that the kids are growing their love for God. A man called legros wanted to harm Jocelyn , that night something happened to him , and from that moment he has changed and did not want to do anything bad anymore to the circuit riders, they are now good friends. Legros used to hate the name of Jesus. He is about to receive the Lord Jesus according to what we see. The interesting  things  in this village also is that the kids can’t wait the starting of the class which is3 o’clock. We had service with some people this morning .


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