Helping Hands in Italy


We are trying to get back into a routine here in Italy. We have met with all of our friends individually several times, but have not successfully united all together for a Bible study yet. Part of the problem is them each coming back from their vacations in their own countries to find unexpected trials in their lives here.


I, David, will be going to Athens, Greece on the 16th of this month and returning on the 30th. Farzad, Ruth’s father, has asked us to seriously consider helping him there. They have as many as 300 people a day visiting the center. They have a place where many of the moms come to sew things and make a little money to help their families while the kids are watched after. A Persian church has started with about 30 members now and there is a need to help people that are selling their children just to survive financially. I will see if there is a place for us and Teen Missions to help and also attend a conference on the 27th and 28th with leaders from all over the Middle East and Europe to discuss the refugee and immigrant problems and how the church can best respond for the Kingdom of God.Powell Italy


Becca and I officially started language classes again on the 14th, though I will miss the first 2 weeks. I have started practicing Farsi now with one of our friends on a weekly basis so that I can be a little more effective in my time in Greece as well as with our Persian friends here.


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