Bauman, Adam & Amyann (Fall 2013)



Greetings Friends and Family,


I just want to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve given us. God has been so good to us.


Laura Bauman is with the Lord.

Laura's Last DayThis year has had some high points and some low points. On July 18, 2013, my mom, Laura Bauman, went to be with the Lord. I have never met anyone in my whole life that loved me more and encouraged me more than my mother. When Amyann and I found out that she wasn’t going to live much longer, we were able to get away from the busy summer and fly to Breckenridge, Texas. We got to see my mom one last time before she went to be with the Lord. One thing that I could at least find comforting was the fact that she is no longer in pain and is now in a better place.


It’s a Girl!

We found out in the middle of June that Amyann and I are going to have a baby girl. I’ll never forget the day she was scheduled to go to the doctor and get an ultrasound. I was in the middle of Baby Miley 1048830_10151719732236285_528826874_o-1working with the Teen Missions Peanut program. For those that don’t know, the Peanut program is a week-long missionary summer camp for kids ages 7-9. I wasn’t able to go to the doctor with my wife because I was so busy with the kids. The kids seemed almost as eager as me to find out the gender. The kids were hoping for a girl, probably because most of them were girls. They got so excited when I told them that we were having a baby girl. Amyann and I are so blessed and we can’t thank God enough.


Summer Responsibilities

Amyann and I did not lead a team this summer, and to be honest, this was really hard for me. However, the prospect of being a dad exceedingly makes up for it. My responsibilities consisted of cutting grass, setting up and taking down and storing different 1063995_10151719427086285_1303968560_oparts of Boot Camp (the Obstacle Course, tents, etc.). Amyann’s responsibilities included teaching puppet class during Boot Camp and watching the staff kids after the teams left.


During Boot Camp, I was able to council several different kids. It’s amazing to see God working in their lives. There were several teenagers who were in tears saying how much they wanted to get their lives straightened out and come back to God. Several kids accepted Christ. I had a great conversation with one boy. I asked him if he had accepted Christ and he said “no”, but he wanted to right then. Whenever kids accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, I also tell them how important it is to read their Bible, pray and talk to their pastor about baptism. It does my heart good knowing that the Lord is working in the hearts of so many teenagers here.pointing to belly


Be a part

We are so grateful for the support of so many people. To God be the glory! If you are interested in supporting us, you can follow the instructions at the end of the newsletter. We will be praying extra hard for finances seeing as we have a little one on the way. We had a baby shower October 26th and we are registered at Target and Babies-R-Us. Thanks for taking the time in reading this.


In Christ,


Adam and Amyann Bauman


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