Frey, Josiah & Bethany (Fall 2013)


Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,


A new chapter has begun for Bethany and me; on September 14 we made the most important decision of our lives next to coming to Christ. As I stood waiting for Bethany to come down the aisle I thought about the journey the Lord took us on to get Wedding Photo 1us to that moment in time. When Bethany stepped inside the church and I got to see her for the first time I could not believe that I was the man God chose to marry His beautiful princess. The wedding was amazing, and we can’t believe how many people came to see us join together as husband and wife. God brought so many people into our lives to help it all come together. We and our parents could not have done all the work. We are so thankful for all the people who helped make our wedding day special.



So while our parents planned our wedding, Bethany and I each lead teams to different countries. I took a team of 26 team members and three other leaders to Malawi. The team was a medical Josiah in Malawiand eyeglass team. They gave medical treatment to over 1,000 people! The team was humbled by the poverty in Malawi and the lack of medical care. We saw many children with cleft palates that needed to be fixed, children walking around with hardly any clothing with wounds on their bodies that would bring anyone to tears. Not only did the team help with the physical needs, but also the spiritual needs of the people. We were blessed to see over 230 people come to know Christ. The team was able to help teach the Malawi youth dramas and puppets. I am so thankful for the team; they worked hard as a group and got a lot done. To my Malawi team:  I miss you and hope to see you again one day!


Bethany lead a team to Russia this summer, she was also Miss Bethany as Miss PiggyPiggy for Boot Camp. Her job was to check all the teams’ tent sites at Boot Camp and make sure they were clean. Her Russia  team helped to teach the Russian youth music, puppets and drama. During the weekdays they would go off into the local village and do sport ministry with the youth. As a lady leader Bethany spent most of her time in the kitchen helping to feed the team. It takes a lot of work to keep 17 teenagers well fed. Lady leaders also have a lot of one-on-one time with the team members while they help out in the kitchen. Bethany was able to pour her energy into the lives of the kids on her team.


After the summer Bethany and I flew home and hit the ground running. We had a lot of things to get done for the wedding. All in all, it was a great time getting to spend with our parents and working together to prepare for the big day. By the time the wedding day came around Bethany and I were so ready to be married!


After the wedding we flew to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We were so blessed that God provided the money for us to have a honeymoon. I had kept it a surprise and after In Jamaicathe wedding I told her where we were going. We had an amazing honeymoon! However, we were excited to return to Florida to get back to work and get our home organized. Bethany had fun getting her kitchen organized while I did whatever she told me to do (Smile).



Teen Missions has asked us to go back to Malawi. We have started the process for our visas and ask for your prayers in this. Please pray that if the Lord would have us go back to Malawi that our visas will be approved quickly. Teen Missions is hoping for us to leave in January. For now we will be working in the Florida office. Bethany is working in the Finance Department, and I am working in the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission office. However, with Teen Missions you never know what is waiting around the next corner.


Bethany and I would like to thank all of your for your prayers and support. We could not serve as full-time missionaries without you standing by our side. As Bethany and I begin to serve the Lord as husband and wife we ask that you pray for our marriage. Pray that we will put the Lord first in all we do.


Serving Christ Together,

Josiah and Bethany Frey


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