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Honduras TeamThe Joy of Ministry: 817 Decisions for Christ!


What a joy it is to be a part of Teen Missions goal to “awaken teenagers to the needs in missions, acquaint them with the reality of life on the mission field and give them an opportunity to serve the Lord through work projects and evangelism”. In working toward this goal of “Training Tomorrow’s Missionary Today,” Justin and I led a team of 24 teenagers to Honduras this summer. We had a bright and lively bunch of 12 guys and 12 girls from all over the US, as well as two wonderful assistant leaders to help us out. The summer began here in Florida at The Lord’s Boot Camp. Now, Boot Camp is a difficult but very necessary part of preparing a group for service overseas. Florida is hot and sticky with nasty bugs that thoroughly enjoy covering a body in itchy, red welts. In this swampy, jungle environment we have classes in evangelism and work skills, we sleep in tents, and bathe and wash clothes using lake water and a bucket. Boot Camp is designed to mimic the most difficult field conditions you may encounter so that once you get to your project site you don’t need to adjust to the living conditions, you are ready to hit the ground running.


After two weeks of this intense training in everything from skits, dramas, puppets and phonics to block laying, concrete mixing, steel tying and carpentry, we headed out to our project site in the beautiful Central American country of Honduras. Our project was twofold: soccer evangelism at local schools as well as rebuilding the roof of a building at the Teen Missions base in Honduras. While it was a joy to complete some work projects for the base we were blessed with indescribable joy as we saw 817 people make decisions for Christ during the five weeks we were there. It’s exciting when God allows you to see the fruit of your labor.




What We’re Doing Now


We are currently serving at TMI’s world headquarters in Merritt Island, FL. Justin is boosting his ability and knowledge in various mechanical and trade skills (which we’ve discovered is a priceless acquisition when living overseas!) as he serves in the Maintenance Department. Justin is also teaching a class at TMI’s Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW), the same school from which he and I both graduated in 2010. This term he is teaching a synthesis of the Major Prophets which include Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and he loves it! He spends most weeknights deep in Bible study and class preparation.


I am working with TMI’s newest outreach, Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM), which penetrates rural areas in the African bush that are beyond the reach of traditional outreach methods due to remoteness, lack of roads, etc. A typical program includes: a Bible story, craft, singing, games, literacy training through phonics, Bible memory & quizzing, and teachers’ training. We currently operate 125 Sunday Schools in seven countries, reaching as many as 5,000 children and adults each week! Some of my personal responsibilities include inventory and preparation of Sunday School materials to be sent overseas, collecting data and reports from the Sunday Schools, assisting promotion and fundraising efforts, etc.


Leading Morning Music

What’s Next?

It has been a humbling experience to see God choose to use us wherever we go and we have a desperate desire to open ourselves to the ministry opportunities God places us in. Pray with us as we seek God in what the next step in our ministry is. We are specifically praying about the possibility of ministering to Muslims (with TMI). However, we also pray that as we seek God’s plan for us in the future that we do not lose sight of God’s plan for us now. We appreciate all of the support we have received from you, our family and friends. We are at the point that we have peace whether or not God gives us children. Many of you have helped us get to where we are. We understand that God has intended us to spend this time loving on each other as husband and wife to prepare us for a future that will be perfect for us. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Serving Together in His Harvest,


Justin & Shannon O’Hara

Titus 2:11-14



We had a great summer leading the team to Honduras! We got to challenge, encourage & love 24 kids from all different backgrounds and walks of life. It may surprise you, but not everyone who comes on a TMI team (a.) is a Christian (b.) wants to be there. Praise the Lord that we were blessed to be able to see growth in many of our kids by the end of the summer, and praise God for that growth!

Praise God for the 817 decisions for Christ our team had the opportunity to witness & be a part of!

Praise God for the safety & good health He grants us.





Justin’s Grandmother went home to be with the Lord on September 20th. Please pray for our family as we celebrate her life and grieve for our loss.


Pray that we continue to have peace in His perfect will, that we rest fully in Him and would you join us in praying that God will bless us with a child?


Pray that more people would partner with us in ministry as financial & prayer supporters.


Pray that we each continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord – diligence in prayer & Bible study.






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