Message from Malawi

On Friday I (Seth) went to Wellman Family, Wadman Circuit and SIMS girls Ambassadors Motorcycle Sunday School Missions here in Malawi. I was blessed and encouraged by the Mangochi Base Staff & Student Picturework that they are all doing there. I hope I brought encouragement along with me to them. I also brought them medicine, clothes, Sunday school lessons and materials and prizes! When I got to Wellman Family and gave them a canteen of calomseptine the Chiyao BMW Class 2013-2014 2facilitators started applying it right away to some kids who were there. It was a blessing to see it being used right away. Last week even Emily had a strange cut on her foot and after applying the calmoseptine two days later it was healed up! We thank the Lord for all the things he provides for His children in time of need!

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