Report from Russia

Freezing temperature came earlier this Fall. Last night it went down to -10 by C. This morning it is all white with snow. The one we had before, has melted. When snow comes, it helps to endure lower temperature. Natasha in Mekhoskoye church with two little children accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior after attending church services regularly for about 9 months. Praise the Lord! Two days ago we had our ex-next door neighbor, Sergei, visiting. He wanted us to pray for his needs. Bearing in mind, that he is of Muslim background, it is to God’s glory, that Sergei is seeking His face. Pastor Sergei Gribanov was the first one who shared with him the love of Christ in 2005, when buying a building for Rehab center in Kr. Niva. TMI’s ministry through Boot Camp was the next portion of God’s grace that Sergei has got acquainted with. We, as BMW students and staff members, try to go on building friendly relations with this particular person, so that in due time he could put all his trust and faith in Jesus, inviting Him into his heart and life. As we have noticed this time, Sergei is becoming more open and relaxing before the Lord. We sing praises to His wonderful name!!!


Editor’s Note: We are sad to announce that Sister Lucia Gribanov (pictured above, center, in pink jacket) has passed away after a short, but intense battle with cancer. Please keep her husband, Pastor Sergei (kneeling, center, red shirt), their three children, and her mother in your prayers as they go through the grieving process and the adjustment to life without her. Pastor Sergei and Lucia Gribanov have been ministering in the city of Shadrinsk for many years and have been instrumental in helping with the establishment of the Teen Missions in Russia base in Krasnaya Niva, close outside Shadrinsk.




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