Summary from South Africa

Base report:

boy with bread In the last two weeks God has given “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think”. We here at Teen Missions in South Africa have been receiving so many food donations that we will never be able to use it all. We have packed away what we need for the school, and began to make parcels for people in need. Two weeks ago Pastor Nel and Peer gave us donations. Last week I went with Peer to pick up what they receive weekly from people. We packed the back of the truck so full we could not get anything else in, so started packing the back seat. We got fruits and vegetables, Ten 10kg bags of potatoes, a large bag of antelope kidneys from a butcher, cakes, and fresh apples. With the money that I would be spending going to the auction to buy vegetables I can put into fuel and get enough food for both the school and people around us in need. Peer says that we can do this run every wednesday and get the same amount or sometimes more. If he gets more I may have to also get a trailer to take along.

On Sunday I got a call from a lady that gets food from a Pick N Pay grocery. She couldn’t use the food this week and wanted to know if we would like the donation. All we had to do was pick it up. We got enough bread rolls to probably last us two weeks. They also had vegetables and salad fixings. We filled the refrigerator that was in Jackson’s house.
With all the extra food we were able to pass out close to 30 bags of food parcels to people around us. They were so excited to be getting something. Between rent and food most of their money is used up, so this was a real blessing for them. Several have been ones that we have prayed with for provision of food and jobs.

We were able to go and do an outreach for one of the Pastors that was here for the two-week training. He has a new church plant that is about 6 months old and he was wanting us to help and go door to door to meet the people. It was a blessed time. He has many many kids that are at the church, but not many families yet. The BMW students went out door to door and I stayed with the Pastor to play with the kids. Most had not seen a white person before, so were very inquisitive. They checked out my skin, hair, teeth, eyes, glasses and especially my beard. They were so precious and loving. The students were able to speak to over 50 households in the three hours that we were there reaching out. The Pastor was so impressed with the number of door-to-door records that they were able to do. He is a little older he says and just can’t spend as much time walking about the area as he would like to.

   As usual we always go around the area collecting kids; and also visiting the parents before we started our program for the IMG_1483day. It happened that as we were in Pyramid area collecting the children, we found the mother of Jabu who was 13 years old and one of our MSSM kids. His mom was sitting outside so as we realized that she was sick, and we asked her what was the problem? So she said to us that she was effected by TB. She was very weak, and her son Jabu was afraid that his mother is going to die; but we encouraged him and prayed for his mom. And now Jabu’s mother got healed. As we realized that there is a need then we brought them foods, shoes for Jabu. We gave them cabbages. Most of the families (parents) in Pyramid were not working, some had job but the income is too small, so they were  unable to cover the needs of the family. I praise God  that we were able to bless the kids who needed shoes and clothes, we also blessed the other parents after realizing the needs. I am thankful to God that we were able to help the families after we prayed for them. Thanks to God for the growth of the kids, physically and spiritually and also the ability to start the two new spots of MSSM. By the grace of God, I believe that greater things is yet to come and greater things need to be done!

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