News From Zambia

Mwemwe SSAlex (intern) and Joseph (student) are doing the MSSM here at the home base of Teen Missions in Zambia.  They are doing a great job.  One will take the older children, (teens) and the other will take the younger children.  Joseph has visited homes with the children and he is very touched by the lack of food and bedding and so forth in these homes near our base.  He is always thanking the Lord at evening devotions for the three meals a day, the bunkers,  (bunk beds), the shelter with roofs that don’t leak, the opportunity to learn here at BMW.  Even close by here the students are seeing the needs of the people.  One night at devotions they were saying that these needs should be met by they themselves.  That they are the blessed ones and that their generation should be reaching out to these needs.  They shouldn’t just wait for help all of the time.


It is good to see some changes in their mind set when it comes to these issues.  Yet the students do not have much themselves,  some lack even a bar of soap at times.  But they are thankful for what they do have and for the opportunity to be taught here at the school.  They pray and God provides and they are thrilled.
We say thank you for making this work possible.  We see students changing all of the time.  We see the interns and the grads growing in the Lord and they come back to the base and share testimonies of what God is doing.



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