Teen Missions Australia Travel Team

Teen Missions Australia Travel Team

Teen Missions Australia is planning a road trip across Australia in 2014!

Training starts on March 1, 2014 at our Australian base north of Brisbane. The road trip will end on December 24, 2014. One goal is hands on Bible training while travelling from the east coast to the west coast of the nation. You and your team will be made up of Aussies, New Zealanders and Americans, who will travel from Brisbane to Perth visiting schools, churches, and youth events promoting Teen Missions and AIDS Orphans and Street Children program. You will be a part of the team that will go to Easterfest, Hope Fest and other concerts throughout Australia. You will be staying at former team member’s homes and sharing at schools, churches, concerts and more.


  1. Need to be an FTM/FTL with good recommendations
  2. Likes either drama or music or public speaking or just likes being with others
  3. Needs to be positive and outgoing
  4. Willing to stay up late at concerts or youth events and work hard.
  5. Enjoys studying God’s Word
  6. Project Expense: Estimated $2500 covers all travel, housing, food and a Certificate in Biblical studies.
    Travel to and from Teen Missions Australia is at your own expense.


If you are interested in going on this road trip click here to register.

Note: a minimum of six and a driver must register for the team to go.



  1. What can I do if I have never been a team member before…where would you suggest I start? This seems perfect. I have lived in Hong Kong and Thailand while my mother was serving in missions and served on volunteer teams there. Thanks

  2. I was wondering if ftm/ftl means that you had to of want to one of these camps before. I mean I have always wanted to go but I went to other ones with the churches I’m with because of price. I really want to come on this one and want to know any way I can go even tho I’m not a ftm/ftl.
    Sencerly(worried hopeful girl),
    Emma Opal Maneese Rojek

  3. I am a FTM’er twice and I have been praying without ceasing that TMI can find a leadership role that will be the perfect pairing of team and leader. I am a retired Army Veteran and I am looking for something in the Mission Fields, working with children. Please don’t let this message fall on deaf ears, I feel God has his hands on all that i do. And TMI, is one of the doors, I must walk through.

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