Odea, Moses (Fall 2013)

goat in uganda My dear friends, with much love, Greetings to you in Jesus name,

I thank God who has been good to you and me as we labor together in his service. I am called ODEA MOSES and I am 27 years old. I joined this ministry three years back. By the grace of God, I am serving the Lord as staff at one of the bases in Uganda and am working with the orphans in the west Nile region that borders Sudan, Congo and Uganda. We have 256 orphans and those who are vulnerable because their parents can’t afford to pay school fees for them. I’m teaching the orphans garden work, building and agriculture work training. Another thing which I am doing with some orphans through Teen Missions is that we are helping them re-construct some houses which are not in good shape. For some we are fixing the roofs for the orphans who lost both parents and for those whom their house were burned, we do what we can.
Here is the story

Uganda Boot Camp Dec. 2011

We have two orphans by the names AWULE MOSES and SARAH ADRILL. These orphans have been sleeping in rain at night and during the day they could just sit under the trees. When this matter was reported to me, I decided to go and see the situation and for sure it was true. They have no one to help them put the timber together and fix a shelter so I communicated to my bosses and they told me they will contact the head office. Within a short period of time I was given a go ahead. They had only seven timbers so I went back and got some mud and mix with soil and we constructed a house for them. The kids saw what teen mission did to them and they are so happy that now they can also sleep in a house like any other children. On behalf of the kids under our care I say thank you for the good work and support you are rendering to these kids.
We have a lot going on at the base , we are plastering the walls and cementing the floor as we have a few buildings that are not complete and we have target of finishing the uncompleted buildings. We do go for outreach ministry door to door evangelizing to people nearby.
Uganda Missions TripStory of a Muslim kid who got saved.
MAUZU YUKWE got saved from Muslim religion to Christianity. She is 16 years old and she has started going to church and she has joined the baptism class. When she completes the class, she will be baptized. I thank God for what he is doing through our lives and it’s my joy that I am where God wants me to be and serve Him through this ministry.
May I request you as a partner with me in this ministry? Would you continue praying and standing with me in prayers? I am planning to get married sometime next year, but there are a few challenges that I’m facing. The lady am planning to marry her name is JACKLINE and she is a Christian. She has been accepted to join Teen Mission and serve in the ministry with me. Please pray for me that God’s will may prevail in every preparation that is ahead of me.

Thank you very much for your support in prayers, financially, materially and everything.


God bless you all in Jesus name.
Odea Moses

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