Honduras Happenings

Greetings from Honduras where I am still trying to get caught up with these reports! The weekend from Nov. 14 to 17 was one of the busiest we have had – speaking of ministry – everyone was in a different place doing something! And Chico did two things! I will start with him. The place where Chico stays when he is in San Pedro Sula is next to an area that is very dangerous because of the gang activity there. Chico was doing evangelism in the area, but when he got to a certain point, he was told not to go further. Well, he wanted to go further, so he asked to speak to the person in charge. Surprisingly, they accepted, and Chico was able to talk to the head of the gang! He said a lot of really surprising things. He said that church people are thieves and hypocrites because they take people’s money but don’t do anything for the community – not even to help the poor. When someone is sick, who takes them to the hospital? The gang does! BUT, he said that he would give Chico a chance, so he wanted him to hold a whole service – just like one in a church – but out in the street! Wow! What an opportunity! So, Chico talked to a few people and got together some music and a sound system, and that evening, they had church on the street! It was amazing – Chico said that the gang had cleaned the entire street (not just one block, but several) of all the garbage, and when it was time to start, they told the people in their houses to turn off their music so everyone could hear!! (The gangs here have more authority and are more respected than the police!) There were hundreds of people out in the street and more listening from their homes, and even though there were no decisions for Christ that evening – it certainly was a start! Praise the Lord for opening this tremendous door of opportunity!

So, that was Thursday. Then on Saturday, Chico went to another city where he was one of the guest speakers at an Awana camp. He spoke on the themes of Obedience and Respect. It was also a great opportunity because he was able to counsel many youth and even leaders who admitted they had been living in rebellion. Also, he was able to do promotion for the Teen Missions Honduras Boot Camp while he was there. Daniel and Samuel were also attending the camp.

Ministry in Honduras

Ministry in Honduras

Karina went with all the students to a nearby town where we were asked to provide the childcare for the nationwide annual get-together of the Central American Church. It was a great opportunity to be a blessing as there were 124 kids the first day and over 200 the second! They put together wordless key-chains (because they couldn’t get the materials to make bracelets) and the students were teaching all the kids how to share the gospel with the colors. They also did several dramas, games, balloons, and origami. The kids were all very happy and excited throughout the whole program.


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