Pulido, Violeta (Fall 2013)

Violeta 4

April 29, 2013 Eastside at Prayer Mountain, TMIP

Hi, my name is Violeta D. Pulido and I was born on March 22, 1973. I live in Talo-o, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte in the Philippines. I’m a former Philippines Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW) student. I was commissioned in June, 2003, then I interned with Island Outreach Ministries, on the island of Bohol in 2004. I graduated in September, 2004.

In 2005, the Philippine coordinators invited me to join staff with Teen Missions in the Philippines. I started my staff responsibilities in July, 2006. My responsibilities were helping in the kitchen, monitoring the students during work time, as well teaching classes. The subjects I taught were:

  • Synthesis Ⅰ for first term in September-November 2006

  • Third term of June-August 2007 – Synthesis Ⅲ

  • Second term of January-May 2009 – Synthesis Ⅱ

  • Fourth term of September-November 2009 – Analysis Ⅰ

  • Fifth term of January-May 2010 – Mission Ⅱ

  • Six term of June-August 2010 – Daniel/Revelation

  • First term September-November 2010 – Synthesis Ⅰ

  • Second term for January-May 2011 – Synthesis Ⅱ

  • Third term of June-August 2011 – Synthesis Ⅲ

  • Fourth term September-November 2012 – Major Prophets

  • Fifth term January-May 2012 – Poetical Books

  • Six term of June-August 2012 – Daniel/Revelation

  • First term September-November 2012 – Synthesis Ⅰ

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During the Philippines yearly Boot Camp, I help to prepare everything needed—tracts, props, evangelism, kitchen utensils, leadership manuals, teaching manual for Boot Camp, paperwork for each of the teams. I also teach some classes during Boot Camp, along with being one of the speakers during rallies, teaching during Debrief, and also monitoring one station of the OC during Boot Camp.


During the last week of November, 2012, I got sick and I lost my voice. I became weak, had gas pain, my body would shake, so my coordinators decided to let me go home during my vacation time. I have included pictures after having my vacation. I returned to Teen Missions Philippines the first week of April 2013. As usual, I was busy preparing things that needed to be done. And I am very happy and peaceful about it.


Violeta 5

June 9, 2013 me and my niece

We are now in the third term for BMW classes and I’m teaching Church History Ⅲ. We have 12 students for this term. The students were very glad and thankful when the American team visited our base this past summer. The students are doing well.


I am so thankful to be able to serve the Lord here in the Philippines.  I would appreciate your continued prayers for good health and wisdom as I serve.


In Christ,






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