Catching up with Cameroon

We are full of a lot of surprises this time, still having heavy down fall of rain in December, a very first of it’s kind that dry season has extend up till this time. Staff, students and interns are all doing fine this time as we look forward to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are doing painting on the new building both the inside and the outside, while some of the students are busy with clearing around the base. We are very sorry that we lost our two goats, but preparing to have some new ones to restart the process. We have a plan for refreshers to start by Monday the 16 of December. We will be having the AOSC Rescue Unit facilitators come in by Sunday the 15th of December. Everything is going on well here only for the fact that the rain is still falling now. All The Units are very busy now with payment of school fees, registration for final exams, insuring of birth certificates and supply of school materials.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe started with just four persons and now we are proud of having (13) members who are constantly attending  the Motorcycle Sunday School Missions, and we are also thankful because not only children did attend but both parents and children. We are presently running two MSSMs in our area; still trusting God to open more doors for more areas to also benefit. In our first presentations, the people were so happy and started asking if we cannot project it on video, so we laugh because it was funny and we told them to join us to be praying that God will now provide us with a video player so they can also watch it. It is really benefiting to our old mothers and fathers here because they really understand the language. We had two new people that had promised to join the MSSM Bible club next week. Please keep praying for them that as they listing to this gospel that Gd will keep strengthening their faith.

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