South Africa’s Scene

We have had a a wonderful week at The Lord’s Boot Camp in South Africa with only one person in the sick tent with fever and flu. We’ve had great and challenging speakers from Love In Action, Rhema Church, Living Word and past BMW Praise the Lord for salvationsgraduates. Worship was loud and lively with dancing and much rejoicing. On night four and five we had around 35 kids go forward for salvations, rededications and prayer to surrender all to Jesus.

For our BMW graduation we had 3 grads and 5 commissioning students. Karen worked overtime and had a nice meal for everyone. We had around 50 attending the luncheon which included family members, pastors and our past students that came to celebrate with us.

We did the phonics classes with all of the teams this year and it went over very well. They did an excellent job learning with Mrs. Karen and paid close attention. We ended their classes with Phonics Bingo using candy sweets as the markers. When they yelled “phonics” they had to say the letter and its sound to have a correct card. They really tried hard and did a great job and got a hand full of sweets if they “phonics” and it was correct. Of course the highlight was eating the card markers when the class was over. It taught them how they can use phonics as an outreach tool to the kids they will work with. It also showed them how they can use games like bingo to gain the attention of the kids and have fun learning at the same time.

Praise the Lord for donations! We received 80 loaves of bread and 23 bags(10K) of potatoes for camp.

South Africa continues praying for the Nelson Mandela family, the country and the world as we mourn the loss of Madiba. Never before has there been so many dignitaries gathered together in this country at one time. It has been a privilege to be celebrating this mans life. I wish it would not have been during boot camp as I would have loved to join the thousands at the Union Buildings to view this great man as he lay in state.





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