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At our unit we have a girl named Funny Saidi. She is 13 years old. One day I asked her how the borehole at the unit has been helping her. This is what she said – before the borehole came she was struggling to find good water for drinking and she was walking a long distance almost 3 km from her home. The water was not really good to the life of the people and sometime she failed to go to school because she spent much time on the way. They were praying that God would give them good water for Malawi Orphan Games 2013drinking near their house, and in time, God answered their prayer through Wellman family because they received donation of borehole at the unit. Once the borehole came it was great help to her because now there was good water near her house, and diseases which were coming because of drinking unclean water was reduced to her and others. The sad part of the story is that the borehole which am looking right now is broken. And she said it could be fine if the borehole can be fixed now.



The House of Patience is one of the first units to be situated in the Northern Region of Malawi in Rumphi District. The coming of this unit is a very good blessing to this area especially in Jalira area. Many of the guardians and other people and kids have been reached with the gospel. One day we were so concerned with the death of our neighbor, a man who was also saved man.  This man was also a guardian of Wakisa and Kondwani. He was really like a parent to the kids and the kids were left in a dilemma. Now since everything about school was been done by him, one of them has started going on and off since the parent dead and is grazing goats and pig. At the unit he was hard worker and they were coming to the unit often. Now they easily coming at the unit since we visited them and help other work at the unit and attend classes but still grazing. And also it was a surprise to the people who came to attend their guardian funeral whereby as I am a missionary facilitator I got the chance of sharing the Word of God with the people after his burial, and three women received Jesus Christ. I also prayed for two women who had a continuous headache. Another woman had a stomachache problem and I encouraged her with the verse 1John 3:9 so my side I saw it that it’s a praise to the Lord since the death of one guardian Mr. Kumwenda the three women among those attending the funeral got saved. Now its my prayer that these kids should really trust the Lord who is good giver.



We gave observation of how the people especially benefit from Boyle Family Rescue Unit. Steveria Dazilamkamwa is one of our Boyle Family 1registered kids and this kid is just very good. After we asked him about his old behavior he said; I was lazy and I was not knowing any work to do so that I can find money even parents were not happy with my behavior, but after coming to Boyle I started going for classes, camps and workdays.

Now I am changed. I know sewing, use of a sewing machine, building the houses through this works. I am very special. I can have my machine and sew clothes for people to earn money and support myself and even my family. It’s not only that but even spiritually I am a changed man. Many people in the village of my age are drinking beer but because I know who I am before God, I don’t need that.

Even at the church I’m dependable because of teachings we do receive from Boyle Family. This boy did not go to school but is different from others in the village. He is hard worker and he is honest in many things. And he is given chance even to teach his friends the skills which he learnt from unit. God is doing greater things through the ministry of Teen Missions.

Thank you.



Since the beginning of House of Peace AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit, we have been helping orphans in many ways. These include education, spiritual lives as well as work training. But what prompted me to write this story is about education part. We had three orphans set for the Malawi school certificate of education. They were all helped by the unit in many ways such as buying note book, pens, calculator and many more education supplies. In addition to that, as facilitator, we encouraged them to keep their trust in the Lord if at all they want to succeed in their education, mind you just in this year we have three people who graduated from high school namely Ian Jona a boy aged 17, Mtisunge Banda, a girl aged 18 and Felia Maliet of about 18 years old. Among these three the first two people have passed the exams. The most interesting thing is that these two people are the first ones to pass the Malawi school certificate of education among all orphans at House of Peace. We are all very glad to see them having good grades at high school. This means our encouragement them rung the bell in their heads. Additionally, all the educational supplies offered to them properly served their purpose. Indeed their performance has attracted many orphans who lost hope of doing better in class/education. Currently we have many who attend extra education classes we teach at the unit. Finally, I would like to remind you that Ian Jona and Mtisunge Banda have really encouraged fellow orphans to trust in the Lord if they want to succeed.



I have come with a story as a testimony of what God is doing in my life at House of Joel. It was on 4th November, right before I started teaching the kids, a certain woman came with her daughter that was 6 years old. She said her daughter has stayed for two days without visiting the toilet. When she went for toilet she was failing to pass out the feces. She was struggling with stomach problem. That time I did not have any medicine for stomach problem, and I had nothing to give them or to do for her. So I just told the woman that her daughter will be fine and I prayed with her. After that I asked my friend to go to class to teach and I send back home the woman then I went for devotion. I was challenged from the words from Matthew 10 where I saw that I am nothing but Jesus can do in me. At evening prayers we prayed for the situation. After two days the woman came and said she did not go to hospital but she was still praying for daughter and said the daughter is now without any stomach or bowel problem. The name of girl is Faith Chuma. I praised the Lord because He was the one who did this.



DSC00188This story is about Mwenye, this boy aged 10 years old. It was another time when he came at the unit in order to play games with his friends. But this day he came at good time and he found one of facilitators, Anthony Masantche. He found me in the tabernacle and he came to stay closer to me. When he stayed closer to me, I started asking different questions to him about the his living conditions with his parents. But this boy started to tell me more about the witch craft. He said that during night they wake up with his parents and going far using the flat basket. They also play in the graveyard and doing their meeting. The meetings are about killing a person by using a magic.

After he explained all the details, its when I as a facilitator started speaking. I started to tell the badness of practicing those things. I opened the Bible from the book of Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23 which are giving comment that the results of sin is death but eternal life can be found in Jesus Christ. After sharing this good news, I asked him again if he is ready to receive Jesus Christ. and with a willing heart he said that he is ready to receive Christ as his personal and savior.

I prayed with him and I led him in prayer to receive Jesus Christ. I also encouraged him to come to the unit very frequently in order to continue learning more about the Word of God so he would not backslide from where he was. Another thing that I did is arranged a time that I can visit his parents in order to share the gospel to them so that they would not force this boy to go back. after I shared, his parents were accepted Jesus Christ to be their personal Lord and Savior. Not only had they been practicing witchcraft, they had also been Muslim. We, as facilitator, were very glad this family now knows the Lord.


I would like to share the story of Jelita Banda. She is a girl of 9 years of age. She is not an orphan but not really different from an IMG_3422orphan. She has only the mum who is staying with her, the father ran away and people are not knowing where he is staying. The mother of Jelita is very poor and in her family she is just alone because all her brother and sisters died. The father and the mother of the mom of jelita died long time ago. This woman is staying alone but her aunt is nearby and makes her life miserable, that’s just an introduction of the painful story that I want to share.

One day Jelita Banda was sleeping and she was dreaming her grandmother coming to her and forcing her to join witch craft. In the dream the little girl was protesting so much and she saw her grandmother giving a charm and declared sickness on her. As she was struggling in the dreams with this grandmother, the mom who sleep with her heard her daughter crying, she spoke to her and the little girl had to wake up and was very sick. The sickness was like madness or lunatic. The woman started crying for her baby’s condition. She had nothing to do with this situation but in the morning the neighbors brought an idea that they should take the girl to the witch doctor for help but the mom was not comfortable with that. This was the grace of God.

The woman is a member of a Bible study group that we have at Mikundi Zidana village. She is a born again Christian. When more people kept on pushing her to consult the witch doctor she remembered that God is able. She took the girl and came to the unit. Unfortunately, she did not find me, Miscious, because I went to the ministry that time. She found Stella and she did not explain her daughter’s problem. She though Stella would be afraid of the situation as she was. She went back home and the situation got worse and the message came that the girl is in critical condition. I went straight with some members of the Bible study group of Fulatira village. We found the girl in very bad condition. We prayed for her and we sang some songs to praise God. When we were leaving she was looking good but that was not the end of the story. The night after, the condition changed to worse and on top of that the mother had no food to feed the poor girl. The message came to us again, and when we went, somebody tipped us that the Aunt (who is the grandmother of Jelita) said that she wants Jelita to die because the mom chose to be a born-again Christian and forsook idol worshipping, the culture of that girl. By God’s grace, it was on the day they marked for her death that we went on that day to pray for her. This detail for the story helped us know how we could help the poor girl. We ask the mom of Jelita about this and she said that was true and she said it’s not only Jelita to die for that but another girl of the same age of Jelita died of the same disease in the same manner as Jelita was doing. We prayed for the girl for the second time but our spirits were troubled inside of us to see the situation around and another woman told us openly that people are assuring the mother of Jelita that the girl will die on two things, being killed in witch crafts and dying with hunger for the woman has no food. We asked Jelita’s mother if we can take the girl to the unit and pray more and at least give her food. The Aunt was not happy with that but the mom allowed us take her. We prayed for her for 3 days and fed her. then we saw her condition changing and she was completely healed. We kept her for two months and she became a very good girl, hard working and excited. But she did not want to go back again because she said she would die but we encourage her to go though the Aunt is very angry at her.

When we saw that she was good and healthy, we thought of sending her back home to stay with her mother. Our main concern was the hunger situation at her home and partially we were thinking of the enmity which is still hot. But still more we have sent back home and the mother is not 100% comfortable to see her staying with her because the aunt is very angry. So we are praying for her to be saved from these witches and mainly from her grand mother. We are also praying for this family that God would bless them with food. Lastly help us to pray that God may give us the courage and grace that we can go and talk to her Aunt about salvation this is what we are planning to do. We are praising God for providing a rescue unit around this area because people are knowing the greatness and the grace of God.



First of all I just want to praise the Lord because of different ministries we have at the unit of Melisa Foster Memorial AOSC Rescue Unit. At Melisa Foster we have many kids, who are coming to the unit but, I have big testimonies from the certain boy we called Gideon Damiano. He is 14 years old, and on top of that he is orphan. He staying with his mother at Mikuju village, and this boy was involved with different things like witchcraft watching and dancing big dance, stealing money, speaking bad things to  friends, but, we, as facilitators, we tried to visit him with counseling but he was deny to follow Christ Jesus in that time. Because of his mother was not need this boy to staying at home because was fearing to loss more things and she came at the unit to explain the way this boy was doing. Our self as facilitator, we talk with them and encouraged him to go to the unit where we are trying to help them with them Word of God Although he was deny to received Christ Jesus he was thinking that in Christ Jesus there is not any benefit so he said that its better to leave this world without Christ. But, after two weeks, he made his decision to follow Christ Jesus. As of now he is born again Christian and is coming to the unit everyday. We praise the Lord because it’s God willing.



I praise the Lord that He is still at work at our unit. My wife Cecilia was sharing God’s words with the woman named Mrs. Chikuse and she touches with the message and she reached the point of expressing her problems of the family. One of the problem was she was suspecting that her son practices witchcraft so she left the issue that I should talk to her son if he does that. Therefore two IMG_1095days I talked to him but he denied that he doesn’t do witchcraft. Cecilia and I started evaluating the boy. His name is Edwin aged 8. He does abnormally most of the time and then we discussed that we should pray for that issue. Thereafter we felt that the boy does that. I called a boy after one day and here is the trick that I made. I said if you do not tell me the truth you are going to stop attending classes and I will pray and God will help me to catch you then I will reveal to your parents and other people. The response of the kid was, “no uncle I will tell you the truth”! Then he revealed everything and the only surprise was that he turns into a snake or a big bird when he is practicing witchcraft. He also reveals that he goes with his elder brother aged 11, by hearing that we prayed for him and after that day we asked him if other wizard came and took him but he said they failed to pick him because he was very heavy, that shows us that he is free from the bondage. And right now we have an assignment to pray for his brother name Siyeni. We praise the Lord for his mercy to deliver Edwin from the bondage of witchcraft.



It was a new place of one part of my ministry since I came to this place. I have been going into different situation whereby some way like bigger more than size because I found at a new place in my life to a new culture to different kind of people. The story I want to tell is about how God has delivered a certain man (grand father) who has been struggling with his daughter by making a conspiracy. The main problem which this man came with; he was seeking medical treatment because he was a guardian to his nephew. Himself, his coming he was feeling pain which he said that his daughter want him to die then they were beating him in magic (witchcraft). Soon after his words’ I talked to him that the medicine of what you are suffering its only if you can repent and accept Christ as your personal Savior of your life but nothing else. Then he gave his participation fully want to know more about this Christ Jesus which I was saying because his religion background he was a big dancer member which they call it the church of Aaron.

As I was sharing with him about the love of God from the book of John3:16 which talks about the love of God how he loved everybody in the world. And also I continue saying that Jesus Christ is ready to forgive his sins. I reached all these point because I was very surprised hearing that he want to revenge so that those who follows his foot steps should die not himself. Then later he surrendered to Jesus all what ever he has been doing and converted/transformed because he was using charms and even witch doctors. All these what I have said I just want to tell you, that your prayers, wherever you are, are changing the situation of the people through us as the vessels of his Word. Because since he is staying strong in his faith without any problem and is witnessing. All in all I want to encourage you that please keep on helping/promoting the ministry wherever God has blessed with his ministry because God said we should reach all the corners of the world with the good news may the good Lord bless you abundantly.





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