Soaring in South Africa

Our BMW students here at Teen Missions in South Africa do outreaches every¬†Saturday¬†in our local area. They have experienced 297 salvations during this year and have been referring them to a local church for Bibles at graddiscipleship. They have had around 75 people request and get Bibles. If the people invest half the cost we pay the other half of the cost of the Bible. We have made 25 trips into the capital city to assist elderly and disabled to get financial assistance grants. There are two shelters for homeless around us and the people live in little 8×8 wood or tin shacks and beg for money to be able to pay their rent and buy food. The grants help them considerably. We have been able to join with a man who gets donations for one of the shelters. Since joining with him to help transport food in our truck, the donations have doubled. We are now getting enough food for their shelter as well as for us to use and make food parcels for people around us that are in desperate need.

The greatest blessing has been the spiritual growth of the people in the area. Through our Bible studies and outreaches people have found that they can come to us and God will help them. They are slowly gaining more independence and understanding in the power of God. One couple had no job or food so went out early one morning to find work. Walking back with no job they passed by our base and sat down to rest. They kept looking at the cross on our logo and decided to call and ask for prayer. I opened the gate for them and gathered our staff around to pray for them. We began praying and I immediately realized God had answered their prayer so I thanked God. When they returned home they received a call from someone who had food for them, so they went and picked it up. After returning from the food pick up they got two calls of people offering them jobs. God has been good and people have been turning to Him daily. After receiving her Bible, our team was out walking the streets to talk to the people and came upon one of the ladies from the group out telling others of the scripture that she read and that they too need to get a Bible and see how God can change their life. He is already raising up evangelists from the farms here!


Shine on4Boot Camp was an amazing time and we were so very blessed again by what the teenagers were able to accomplish. During the summer camp we had 317 salvations and multiple people were healed. Two wonderful works came through our Zebra team. In one house they went to there was an elderly lady with swollen legs. She was unable to walk and stayed in bed. After the team laid hands on her and prayed for her she said immediately the pain was gone. She was able to get out of bed and walk into the sitting room to be with everyone. The second was a man staying with his daughter. He was deaf and she wanted the team to come and pray for him. As they finished praying the man said that he could hear what they were saying and answered their questions. They said the power of God was present. We had 92 team members and leaders that took up the call to go out and be the hands and feet of Christ. What an powerful time we had!

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