Amazing Ministry in Malawi

Here at Teen Missions in Malawi we did organize a sports ministry over the Christmas and New Year celebrations realizing that people here love to play different games. On Christmas day we went to Chikomwe school where our BMW students go to teach Sunday school classes every weekend. At this Sunday school we do have an average attendance of 50 people every Saturday. They learn Bible classes and literacy lessons. But December 25 was a very special day because our program was different from usual. We shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and later we went into sports activities. Praise the Lord that not less than 2,000 people came to be part of it. It is amazing to see how the kids from the Islamic backgrounds and families are memorizing the Bible verses and mastering the Bible stories. Besides that it is how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is affecting their daily lives. On January 01, we also organized exactly a similar event at Machemba village sports ground. We targeted the entire catchment area of Heart of Faith AIDS Orphans & Street Children Rescue Unit. The villages within the radius of 5 kilometers came to be part of this event. Around 5,000 people were in attendance. The opening remarks were made by village Headman Machemba, who made it very clear that he supports Teen Missions ministry because it promotes unity not hatred. In one of his remarkable comments, he said and I quote, “ In my belief (Islamic Faith) anybody else that does not believe in what I believe is an enemy. I find this promoting hatred not love and peace. But these people of Teen Missions have the faith that has brought all of you here. It is the faith that loves everybody and preaches peace that is practical. We all stand here today because they do not care that we share different faith from them but they still invited us to be part of this celebration. I am therefore to the side of peace and unity.” Praise God that we have a chief by our side. This is an open door to ministry rarely seen here.
On January 04, we had invited a total of 201 kids from our three Sunday school centers to come together to celebrate the dawn of 2014. They did learn all Sunday school classes together. We did also have a Bible memory verses quizzing competition. Later in the afternoon we blessed them with few pieces of clothes per each individual. These used clothes were donated to us by our Head Office in Florida, USA. By the way most of these kids are orphaned and underprivileged. These kids went back home with very happy faces. One kid that went home with a very happy face is Amidu Ali aged 7, from Chipereka village. His mother dressed him in the clothes that were the best for him realizing that he was going for a special celebration. When his name was called to come up front to pick up his package of clothes, it was very clear that he was the most needy kid. His shirt and short trousers were all having many holes. We could all sympathize with him. He was the kid that was most thankful because ofthe blessing. I have some few pictures of him that I want to share with you.
Malawi Students organizing clothes
We are so thankful to Teen Missions in Florida for the donation of
clothes. I also know that there are people who donates these clothes
to TMI in USA, in a very special way I want to thank you for that.

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