Aronson, Emery & Linda Newsletter (Winter 2014)



100_5739Fall, what a great time for things to begin cooling down (well, not in Florida!), but we do start thinking about harvest time, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This year we took our grandkids to celebrate Grandparents Day at mom’s place. They had animals from a farm: a pig, rabbits, chickens, a goat, and a pony. Ava was very excited when she got to ride on the pony. Aiden was a bit scared so he would not ride, but we got him to sit on the pony long enough for a picture.


It is always fun to watch the kids open presents and see the excitement in their eyes. Aiden got a new bike and Ava got a new helmet so they wanted to try them out. We took them to a place that they could ride their bikes without having to worry about cars and we had a little picnic with them. Emery does mowing at an RV park that Teen Missions owns so the kids also enjoyed sitting on the mower. “Little E, III” will maybe someday be the one who is helping with mowing like his Grandpa.


100_5806In November the space center had a special deal for Florida residents so Emery and Joseph went. They were able to see the new exhibit of the space shuttle Atlantis. It is hung tipped up in the air in such a way that you can see the whole thing and even the inside. It is quite amazing to see it when you know where it has been.


Mom is still at Cedar Creek, although she has been moved to a different room again. It is a bit smaller, but she enjoyed being in the bigger room while it lasted.  She has started getting more confused about what she is doing, but health wise she is doing pretty well. Her address is: Phyllis Coon, Cedar Creek Room #237, 4279 Judith Ave, Merritt Island, FL 32953

Her phone number is 321-452-3497 and she would enjoy a note or a call.


100_5671Emery continues to divide his time between working in the Print Shop and being on the land crew.  Recently he was sorting through some archive files and enjoyed seeing the pictures from the ‘70s.  I continue as the Finance Department Head and it seems between the finances we process and the mailings we are responsible for, the workload never decreases.  I appreciate your prayers that everything will get done in a timely manner.


We already have almost 500 registered for this summer, I am hoping we will have 1000. Our overseas bases are giving us reports on how the Lord is working in the many lives that they come in contact with. Many are being saved because of the Sunday schools; it is true that reaching the kids is sometimes the best way to reach the rest of the family too. We want to thank each one who has been praying for us and those of you who have supported us. We appreciate your sacrifice. You are in our prayers and we hope everyone will have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



The Aronsons


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