Outreaches bearing fruit in Cambodia

Cambodia Bible School Students 2013Gospel Changing Lives in Cambodia—Asia

40+ Children Receive Christ at Children’s Clubs

Last Sunday at our Children’s Clubs we had 172 kids in attendance. Forty-one received Christ after the lesson about the birth of Jesus Christ. The children are learning to give to the Lord and gave 15400 Riel in offering ($3.67 US). When you think about it in dollars and cents it isn’t much, but in their lives it is sacrificial giving. We are preparing to have our Christmas celebrations on the 15th and have prepared 150 gift bags to give to the children.

Soucheat and Chung were out looking for a new place for ministry and Pastor Ephraim met them in the street. He asked them what they were doing and they told him. His eyes lit up and he said, “I have been praying for help! I don’t speak Khmer but I have all these children which I have gathered and try to teach. Now you came praying to find a place to minister. God answered both our prayers.” They immediately went and began teaching and found 40 children already gathered.

Sharing Christ in the Community

On top of the organized ministries that we have been running, the students have also been witnessing to the workers who came to work on the rooftop. None of them came to Christ, but there were good seeds planted. The students have also gone twice now to the three local hospitals and have been sharing Christ to the patients and praying for them.

We have also been doing two new daily ministries. The school has been here almost two years but many of our neighbors were unaware of our mission. The students have been going out into our community and introducing themselves and speaking God’s Word to them. They have been meeting all kinds of people—a man whose wife left him with four kids, elderly ladies, vendor’s playing cards, a baker, and many others. Many of them wanted to know how much the students get paid for teaching children, which opened a door to share Christ, because the student could explain that they are not getting paid but love them in the Lord. Some of the neighbors said they want to believe in Jesus as well as Buddhism because they don’t want to change their beliefs but see that Jesus is awesome. We will keep praying for them and visiting them with the hope that they will realize Jesus is the only way.

Cambodia Children's Ministry New Ministry to Neighborhood Children — Little Lambs

We also began another ministry, which Heni likes to call the Little Lambs ministry. Part of the reason we started this ministry was because the local children loved the Sunday Children’s Club so much they thought they should be here every day learning like the BMW students. They kept showing up in the back of the classroom or playing in the sand pile (for laying tiles) or playing with the puppies. One day, when Souban was laying bricks with mortar, one of the little boys got a trowel and sand and was laying his bricks with wet sand, trying to copy Souban. Another day Chung was on a ladder and a little girl climbed up (even though he told her no) and wanted to hug him. We try to shut the gates and keep them out sometimes, like when the work was dangerous or we were giving exams, but they would line up at the gate and rattle it while yelling, “Teacher!” until someone came and paid attention to them. Most of them are too young to go to school, but their parents work so they are left alone all day.

One of the boys is named Jewan. He was abandoned by his mother who ran off to Phnom Penh. His father is a junk dealer and is always out scouring the streets for scraps and garbage he can sell. So Jewan wants to be at the base all the time. So with the Little Lambs ministry, we are teaching about nine children each day. They are really rough though and hard to teach, but love the attention and care they receive. Having a set time for them each day has cut down on them (but not eliminated) them coming all the time. We can now tell them to come back at the designated time and not feel we are rejecting them.

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