Cambodia Base Report

Cambodia class of 2013BMW buildingYesterday was the first day of our MSSM training (we are planning for it to last two weeks) and it went very well. The Bible school students are also having two hours of training each week about how to be Sunday School teachers.

We have been conducting “scouting trips” to determine where we should conduct the Sunday Schools. On our second scouting trip we went to a place called Kompong Kdei. The road is fine right now because it is dry season and it took us about an hour and a half to get there. Teen Missions has done ministry here in the past. Students have come here several times for weekly ministry and twice for VBS. The local elementary school was used for the VBS. During past ministry one elderly lady received Christ and it was at her house that we held our meeting. Within 10 minutes 16 adults and 78 children arrived to learn and worship God. Christian and I ministered to the adults and the four ladies ministered to the children. 10 of the adults are Christians now because the previous ministry of the students and have burnt their charms and destroyed their idols. The lady received all 100 of us into her small home (and porch and yard) and fed the six of us afterwards. They really would like us to have a Sunday School there in the village as they have no church or pastor/missionary in their area. It is a strong Buddhist community with a large pagoda and a second one being built right across from our hosts home. All the adults were urging us to come again soon.


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