Chimbila, Nelson & Maggie Newsletter (Winter 2014)

Chimbila Staff NewsletterGreetings from Uganda in East Africa,


Goat House1

Working on the goat house

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. 2013 was a year of challenges and spiritual growth. The Lord has been so faithful to us as a family and as a ministry at large.

Promise and Praise are growing so fast and both are in pre-school. Promise will be five years old  in April and Praise will turn three years old also in April. We are amazed at how well we get along with  the students, staff and every child that comes for ministry in spite of the fact that we are still new to Uganda. We can’t believe that as of June, 2014, we will have been serving here in Uganda for two years.

Currently, we have 13 students and we are doing a lot of projects with the gardens such as planting the matooke plantation (bananas), beans (which provide a large harvest) and maize. We are also raising rabbits and goats, which have increased from having four to now having 29! Our dog, Zoe, gave birth recently to three beautiful puppies. We are truly seeing God’s favor upon this ministry.



We have been very busy with ministry opportunities here in Uganda. We have an open-air crusade ministry. Maggie is one of the speakers and some of the students accompany her and they minister through music. A lot of people are attending the crusades and many have given their lives to Christ. We are also doing a high school ministry on Thursdays along with evangelizing through music, puppets, phonics and games in the primary schools. We have been getting good reports from the head teachers and want to continue doing ministry in these schools. We have decided to “spice up” our ministries in 2014. The students will be doing “good deeds” ministry, standing on the Scripture in Acts 10:38—how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who went about doing good deeds. Our theme will be ‘keeping Uganda clean”.

Chimbila 2014This is our vision for 2014:

We will be trying to make a positive difference through our actions. We are planning on having four open-air crusade meetings this year. We will have one meeting each quarter. The methods we plan on using are:

  • Cleaning the market places
  • Making long-drop outhouse toilets in the villages where there are no toilets.
  • Visiting the nursing homes and help with the cleaning of the bedding and general areas.

This will be done four times a year. In order for us to accomplish this target, we will need friends, churches, families and everyone who feels led to help us in attaining some supplies such as: disinfectants, gloves, strong brooms, buckets and dust masks.

Chimbila 2014

We would be very grateful if you could help us in any way in order for us to implement our vision. If you are interested, we will keep you informed with the regular updates on the progress of “Mission Vision”. For donations, please contact Teen Missions International, Inc. in Merritt Island, FL. We are looking forward to creating a stronger community.

 Uganda Winter Boot Camp Results

During the 2013-2014 Teen Missions Boot Camp in Uganda, we had eight teams with 58 leaders and 174 team members which is a great thing. The last day on their projects is tomorrow. Through this Boot Camp, we are praying and hoping to recruit 15-20 new students.



Chimbila 2014Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement.

Yours Sincerely,

Nelson, Maggie, Promise and Praise

 Prayer Requests:

For more wisdom

Good health

Open doors for ministry


God’s provision of school fees for Promise and Praise



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