A lot of rain in Zimbabwe

Greetings in Jesus name.Zim garden #2

Thank you for the support that you are continuing to give to the Zimbabwean base, staff and students. We appreciate the work that you are doing for us. When we look at the base there are so many things that lift our hearts up and we realize that you are the very people that God uses, so thank you so much.

Our diesel engine and the generator are working very good, thus a praise for us. It was raining the whole day and whole night. It is over 15 years since l last saw this happening in Zimbabwe. Every day rain is a praise for us; indeed it is a different year. Students are working in the fields and the garden cultivating and guarding from the monkeys and baboons, so that they may not destroy our crops. The fields are looking very good, they are very, very green.We have good maize.

The BMW students are all healthy and strong in the Lord. They are a blessing to us at the base. Their relationship with one other is very good. They encourage each other and challenge each other. We see maturity in them.


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