Building goes up as the rain falls down

Liva FamilyThis week is the first week of the term and we have 12 new students who have joined the BMW. We have total of 25 students, praise the LORD.

The rain is now pouring for the past two weeks. It again flooded the property. The bridge at the school was under water, only the basketball court was not covered, but the good thing is that the water went down quickly. The water destroyed the path, made holes and carried away lot of sand. For this week it has stopped; it is still raining, but not bringing flood.

Much of the work involved clearing the surroundings. Bushes are growing very fast everywhere and we have to catch up with them. When the Aussie team was here they were working on changing the roof leaves into iron sheets. We also had to change the position of the roof, it was peaked in the middle but we are changing that to a sloped one to use less iron.

Nirana new classroom

They team made it up to having the roof up, now we are finishing the work like strengthening some bind beams that carries the roof. We also are working on the anti-cyclone, this involves pouring concrete beam on three sides of the roof.

We worked on taking the electricity to the Nirina school, we made the cable go underground to avoid people stealing cable so now we are having the first light there.

We are also working on digging the foundation for the cement brick wall fence at the school, there is a difficulty delivering sand and rock because the ground is very soft and the delivery truck got stuck with lots of struggle.


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